Instagram Now Lets You Mute Posts, a Gift to Frenemies Everywhere

They’re a bit late to the party, but Instagram has finally answered our prayers by adding a mute feature to its main feed. According to an announcement made by the company this morning, users will be able to hide posts in their feed from accounts that they still want to follow but don’t want to see any content from—like, for instance, that friend who posts Far Too Much and decided to date your ex. It’s not like you can unfollow her (you are “friends” after all) but come on! Read More >>

Chrome Is Changing How It Mutes Autoplaying Videos — Again

Google’s quest to kill autoplay videos with sound has been a confusing ride over the last year. But last month, Chrome finally went all the way and started muting autoplaying videos on sites by default. Now, Google is changing the way its mute system works... again. Read More >>

Google Finally Lets You Mute Autoplay Videos In Chrome—Here’s How

For several months, Google has teased some updates for Chrome that aim to make surfing the web slightly less annoying. And on Thursday, Chrome developers announced that you can now update your browser and choose to mute those annoying autoplay videos on websites. The update, Chrome 64 beta, also prevents malicious redirects, and a whole lot more. Read More >>

Our First Look at the Neon Noir World of Duncan Jones’ New Movie Mute

And if you think the Blade Runner-esque neon aesthetic is great, wait till you get a load of Paul Rudd’s moustache. Read More >>

Facebook Needs a Real Mute Button

Sick of seeing all the ice bucket challenge videos on Facebook? Too bad, my friend, you're stuck with them until the end of time. That is, until Facebook creates the one option it needs most: A real mute button. Read More >>

Twitter’s Mute Feature is Now Being Rolled Out

Remember that "Mute" feature that was popping up on Twitter for mobile? Today, it's officially rolling out across the board. You may may now tweet in peace. Read More >>

How to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter

Along with propagating inane hashtags like #NameYourDickAfterAMovie*, Twitter is also horribly ruthless when it comes to spoiling movies and TV shows. To avoid spoilers, you have to avoid Twitter when a show like Breaking Bad comes on or when a big movie like The Dark Knight Rises comes out. But that's not the only way! Here's how to make your Twitter spoiler-free. Read More >>