How Your Smartphone Will Get Lytro-Like Superpowers

As neat as they are, the Lytro camera's re-focusing tricks aren't going to convince most of us to replace our highly pocketable cameraphones. So a California company called DigitalOptics has found a way to give us the best of both worlds with a new ultra-thin sensor that promises Lytro-like tricks. Read More >>

New Tablet Camera Tech Conjures an Invisible Keyboard

Relying on your tablet's on-screen keyboard saves you from having to carry clunky accessories, but it also gobbles up a good chunk of usable screen real estate. So Fujitsu researchers are working on a happy medium that uses the tablet's camera to track your finger movements on a desk, as if you were typing away on an invisible keyboard. Read More >>

Guess How Many Files Are Uploaded to Dropbox Every Day

If you had to guess how many files people were adding to Dropbox on a daily basis what would you guess? A million? Five million? Nope. It's a freaking billion. Read More >>

Asus Fonepad: The 7-Inch Phone That You Never Ever Asked For

This is Asus's Fonepad. Not to be confused with the Padfone. It's a 7-inch tablet priced at £179...which also makes calls. Read More >>

HTC M7 render
This Is Apparently What the HTC M7 Flagship Phone Will Look Like

According to Evleaks, on UnwiredView, this is a render from a start-up video for the much-rumoured HTC M7. The new flagship will apparently pack a 4.7-inch 1080p screen, along with a 1.7GHz quad-core chip backed by 2GB of RAM and LTE. If it ends up looking anything like the render with those specs, HTC might have a winner on its hands here. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Do Google and LG Have a Nexus 4 Sequel On the Way Already?

Here's a curious one. If rumours are to be believed, LG's actually stopped producing Nexus 4s, and has turned manufacturing efforts to its incoming next-generation phones instead. Does Google have another Nexus right around the corner? Or has LG simply had enough of flogging hardware for next to nothing? Read More >>