Xiaomi Mi 5: Great Specs, Awesome Display and Cheap as Chips

Xiaomi has a reputation for making good phones at incredible prices. That’s never been more true than with the new Mi 5, a phone with specs to compete with the iPhone or Galaxy S7 — but for comparative peanuts. Read More >>

Sony’s Latest Concepts Imagine a Creepy Future

Sony showed off three new concepts at the Mobile World Congress today, but they all share one thing in common: They’re a little bit creepy. Read More >>

Not One, But Two HTC One M10 Phones to Follow MWC 2016

HTC One M7? Good. HTC One M8? Even better. HTC One M9? Well, a picture of that phone should sit next to the words "dropped the ball" in the dictionary of phrases. It's been difficult of late watching the long time Android trendsetter,  as declining sales and top-brass turmoil has seen smartphone innovation at the company slow. Read More >>

The Best HTC One M9 Deals from EE, Vodafone, O2, Three and More (Updated)

With the dust from MWC 2015 well and truly settled, it's now time to start considering unfolding those banknotes to slap down on the show's best devices. HTC's One M9 is one such option for those on the hunt for a new top-of-the-line smartphone: an evolutionary step on from last year's M8, it ditches the UltraPixel camera from its rear in favour of a more traditional 20MP snapper, with a new build of HTC Sense focusing on location-based suggestions and personalisation. Read More >>

Dolby Atmos for Mobile Ears-On: Can You Really Get Immersive Surround Sound from Regular Headphones?

While mobile screen resolution races from one breakthrough to the next, smartphone and tablet audio has been somewhat left behind. Though some, like Neil Young with his Pono and Sony's recent high-resolution audio push, have looked to address this when it comes to music, Dolby is one of the few companies that's looking to work bringing solid audio to mobile movie viewing. Read More >>

Weird MWC: The Tech That Didn’t Make the Headlines

For those of you that haven't been, MWC is massive. It's twice the size of London Excel (and if you haven't been to London Excel, just try to imagine 33 football pitches or something). And believe us, it's not all Galaxy S6 Edges and HTC Vives, a lot of it is weird. Here are eight such things we found while roaming the cavernous halls. Read More >>

MWC 2015 and GDC 2015: What Were Your Favourite Announcements?

Well, we've earned our keep this week! The last seven days have been among the busiest in recent memory for the tech industry, with both Mobile World Congress 2015 and the Games Developer Conference taking place on opposite sides of the globe. And we've been there at both, bringing you all the latest news as it happens. Read More >>

The Gadgets from MWC 2015 We Actually Want

Another Mobile World Congress has been and gone; another whirlwind of phones, tablets, smartwatches and other portable gadgets has blown through Barcelona, leaving in its wake a slew of headlines, headaches and journo hangovers. Read More >>

We Go Bums-On With Ford’s New Smart eBikes

Modern bikes have come a long way since the penny-farthing. Cyclists of the 21st century have at their disposal carbon fibre frames, disc brakes, and Lycra, but there isn't really a bike that defines our technological age – until now. At MWC Ford surprised everyone by unveiling two bikes, the Mo.De.Me and the Mo.De.Pro, both are aiming to make journeys more economical, healthier and safer. Read More >>

Huawei Watch Could Cost More Than £600

Like the look of the attractive Android Wear Huawei Watch? Better get saving them pennies up then; it's rumoured to go on sale for close to $1,000, or nearly £660. [BGR] Read More >>

virtual reality
Gabe Newell Says Vive VR Steam Headset Won’t Make You Sick

Virtual reality is coming. With a raft of announcements from Sony, HTC, Valve and Oculus, it's so close you can almost taste the fake bowl of fruit sitting beyond the lenses of the goggle. But one problem has to be nailed before consumers will trust VR, and that's the issue of motion sickness. Valve's Gabe Newell claims the Steam-focussed HTC Vive has cracked it. Read More >>

You’ll be Able to Unlock ZTE’s Next Phone With Your Eye’s Blood Vessels

If you don't fancy unlocking your phone with a password, or a fancy pattern, you can always go ahead and buy a phone with a fingerprint scanner. But what about something else? Something new and interesting that doesn't require a button? ZTE thinks it has the answer with feature it's calling 'Sky Eye'. Read More >>

BlackBerry is Bringing Back the Slider Phone For Some Reason

When square phones don't work, what's BlackBerry to do? Combine the weirdest new hardware trend and a classic old one together in one super (silly?) smartphone. Blackberry teased the new "dual-curved, all-touch display with a keyboard—yes a slider device!" at this years Mobile World Congress. Read More >>

LG Slams its MWC 2015 Rivals: “You Need to Show Innovation, Not Just Say It”

MWC is the mobile tech battleground, with Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and others lining up to pit their devices against each other. But if one company has its gloves off, it's LG. Coming into the show on the back of the well received LG G Flex 2 (though still yet to reveal a 2015 flagship of its own), its team has been less than impressed with the standard of innovation its rivals have shown at the show. Read More >>

HTC Still Has a Smartwatch in the Pipeline Says CEO

For a very long time we've been hearing rumours about an HTC smartwatch, only for that project to be cancelledthen revived, and for HTC to turn round and unveil a fitness tracker. So what happened to the smartwatch? Apparently it's still going to happen sometime in the future. Read More >>