HTC Unveils Vive Focus Plus Headset for Businesses

HTC has announced the newest in its Vive Focus line of standalone virtual reality headsets: Vive Focus Plus, aimed at business customers. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Mi 9 is a Promising Mid-Range Tease

Since becoming one of China’s most popular smartphone brands, Xiaomi has slowly been gaining steam globally, claiming the top spot in India while also expanding into the Middle East and Europe. Read More >>

Nubia’s Bracelet-Phone Will Be at Mobile World Congress

We are SO ready for Mobile World Congress 2019. The yearly convention of everyone who's anyone in smartphones (apart from Apple, who are too cool apparently) always sees a smattering of exciting new flagships, and just as many bonkers products. Read More >>

Looks Like Another Foldable Phone is Heading to MWC

It doesn't matter whether you think you want a foldable phone or not, because the mobile industry has decided they're the next big thing. So much so that it means damn near all of them will have one on show at MWC at the end of the month. Well all the big names will have to compete with yet another, this time coming from ZTE subsidiary Nubia. Read More >>

OnePlus Will be Showing off a 5G Prototype at MWC

We know that OnePlus is quite fond of 5G, and we know that it has some sort of 5G device on the way. There's no better place for all things 5G than Mobile World Congress, which kicks off at the end of the month, and OnePlus will be showing off some sort of 5G prototype at the show. Read More >>

LG Officially Announces Next Flagship Phone

We're still a few weeks away from Mobile World Congress, but the phone announcements are already starting. Read More >>

Looks Like Huawei’s Folding Phone Will be Unveiled on 24th February

We know Huawei has a foldable phone coming, and that it'll be on show at MWC in Barcelona at the end of the month. What we didn't know was when it would be announced. Ok we assumed it'd be during the company's press conference, but it's nice to get some extra clues that seem to confirm this will be the case: Read More >>

We Might Get Oppo’s Folding Phone In February

Inventive smartphone manufacturer Oppo – of the sliding camera phone – has announced the Mobile World Congress launch date for its 10x optical zoom smartphone, and it's rumoured to include a foldable device too. Read More >>

The Foldable Phone Craze May See the Return of the Motorola Razr

If you believe people on the internet the Motorola Razr was *the* phone to have before the iPhone came along. Back in the days when fliphones reigned supreme, and you could hang up on someone by snapping your phone shut with a satisfying snap. Well the brand may be making a comeback, thanks to the new trend of foldable phones. Read More >>