mwc 2017
The Most-Searched Phone of MWC 2017 was… the Nokia 3310

After working tirelessly for years to create a flagship smartphone that would wow the crowds at MWC 2017, the likes of Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony have been absolutely trounced by a feature phone from the year 2000. Read More >>

mwc 2017
South Korea Wasted £200k Trying to Make People Care About the Olympics at MWC

It's a problem faced by many exhibitors at Mobile World Congress: how do you stand out when there are thousands upon thousands of exhibitors, and companies like LG and Huawei announcing headline-grabbing new handsets? Read More >>

Confirmed: We’re Not Getting the 64GB LG G6 in the UK

At the LG G6 launch on Sunday, the brand unveiled two versions of its new cinematic G6: one with 32GB of onboard storage, and one with 64. Read More >>

htc vive
Here’s How Much the HTC Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap Will Cost in the UK

HTC's just announced the launch dates and pricing for the new Vive Tracker and Vive Deluxe Audio Strap accessories, and it's all sounding pretty exciting. Read More >>

When Does The UK Get The Sony Xperia XZ Premium? Depends How You Define ‘Spring’

If you've got your eye on Sony's rather beautiful new Xperia XZ Premium, the good news is it's definitely coming to the UK. Vodafone, EE and Carphone Warehouse have already confirmed they'll stock the flagship, with others expected to follow. Read More >>

Samsung’s Comeback Strategy for 2017 is… Freebies?

Samsung's press conference at Mobile World Congress started on a slightly sad note: an inevitable mention of the Galaxy Note 7 and the new testing processes Samsung's put in as a result. The company went on to thank people for sticking with the brand, and to announce all the new things they're launching to tempt everyone else back in. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Tablet Has Portrait and Landscape Audio

One of the more interesting features of Samsung's just-announced Galaxy Tab S3 tablet is the way it handles sound. Watching TV and movies was clearly high up the list of priorities in designing the Tab S3, and in addition to the large HDR-enhanced display, Samsung's taken the unusual step of putting in four speakers - one in each corner. Read More >>

Finally, We Have Confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Date

At a press conference in Barcelona this afternoon, Samsung finally announced the date we've all been waiting for: the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Read More >>

Nokia Just Announced A New 3310 for 2017

Everyone's favourite phone and meme superstar, the Nokia 3310 is back for 2017. Read More >>

Huawei P10 vs P10 Plus: Which One Should UK Folks Go For?

Huawei's just unveiled its two flagship phones at Mobile World Congress: the P10 and the P10 Plus. They're follow-ups to the Leica-cobranded P9, and once again there's a big focus on photography (pun totally intended) - and, slightly oddly, colours. There are 8 of them, globally. Read More >>

LG G6: Full Specs, UK Release Date and How It Compares with the Competition

We finally have all the details of the much-anticipated LG G6. So what are the specs, when are we getting it in the UK, and is it better than the competition? Here's all the info. Read More >>