Asus Padfone Hands On: A Sleek Two-For-One Device That Makes You Pay for Both

If it were sold without its tablet dock, you might give the Padfone phone a second look all on its own. It's really pretty, after using it for a few minutes, it's just as powerful and smooth as any other flagship Android phone coming out, like the Optimus G Pro or the HTC One. Read More >>

Asus Fonepad: The 7-Inch Phone That You Never Ever Asked For

This is Asus's Fonepad. Not to be confused with the Padfone. It's a 7-inch tablet priced at £179...which also makes calls. Read More >>

The Asus Padfone Has Finally Come of Age

Asus has just announced the latest version of its previously awkward Padfone—but this time round, it seems that the hardware might live up to previous promises. Read More >>

EE Says Average 4G Customer Uses Just 1.4GB of Data Each Month

EE's CEO Olaf Swantee has shared some interesting stats at MWC today, which certainly make me feel better for not using my full 8GB each month. According to EE, 25 per cent of their 4G traffic comes from customers watching videos, with 11 per cent of those being YouTube videos. More stats to nibble on, below. Read More >>

LG Shows Off Wireless 4K Streaming, From Phone to TV

LG has been showing off the first example of wireless Ultra HD steaming at MWC: it can take video from a phone, playing at 1080p, upscale it on the fly, and show it off at 4K on a TV. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 720 Hands On: Cheap Phones Can Have Good Cameras Too

In most ways, the Lumia 720 is exactly what you'd expect. It's a budget phone made like a Lumia. The surprise, though, is that the camera is actually pretty damn good—which is a miracle compared to what you find on most cheap phones. Read More >>

Nokia to Share Entire Navigation Suite With Other Windows Phones

Nokia has announced that it is to share its Drive, Maps and Transit apps with other Windows Phone handsets. Under the Here moniker, users of non-Nokia handsets will finally be able to use the Finns' excellent navigation software. Read More >>

LG Has Acquired webOS From HP to Power Smart TVs

LG has just announced that it has acquired the much-troubled webOS from HP. But instead of using it to power smartphones or tablets, it's planning to roll out smart TVs which will make use of the OS. Read More >>

LG’s 5.5-Inch Optimus Pro Has a 1080p IPS Screen (Hands On)

PPI might not matter much, but LG's new Optimus Pro, which we've seen in Korean form, has a 1080p screen, and it's pretty damn gorgeous. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands On: Thin, Light, and Very Promising (Update: UK Pricing and Release Date)

We've known about Sony's Xperia Tablet Z for the last month, with Sony promising incredible lightness, thinness, speed, and beauty. Guess what? It delivers. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms March 14th Event For Galaxy S IV

As expected, March 14th is the date Galaxy S fans will have to circle in their Filofaxes, for Samsung has confirmed that'll be the date for a New York event, by sending out invites this morning. Presumably it'll be the Galaxy S IV announcement, but maybe it'll just be a 7.8-inch Note? Sorry, I won't tease. Read More >>

Nokia’s 520 and 720 Help Pad Out the Lumia Cornucopia On the Cheaper End of the Scale

Along with a couple of low-end phones we won't bore you about, Nokia showed off the Lumia 520 and 720 at MWC today. That smaller-numbered device is actually Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 offering, with the 720 being slightly higher up on the food chain, somewhere between the 620 and 820. Read More >>

Huawei Brags That Its Ascend P2 Is World’s Fastest 4G Phone (But That Still Won’t Get the Punters In)

Huawei could add a waffle-maker to its Ascend P2, and I doubt even that would be enough to pull people over to its side of the phone stores. Unlike the Ascend D2 unveiled at CES, there's no 3,000mAh battery lurking here (you'll have to "make do" with a 2420 one), but there's a CAT 4LTE chipset, meaning 4G speeds can reach 150Mbps (the iPhone 5 and S3 LTE only have CAT 3, FYI). Read More >>

Samsung’s HomeSync Android Box Brings a Whopping 1TB of Storage to Your TV

Set-top boxes aren't exactly mobile tech, but Samsung has unveiled its new one at this year's Mobile World Congress. The HomeSync aims to work with your mobile devices and serve has a hefty little Android-powered box for all your media. A 1TB box. Read More >>