The Most Important New Smartphone Feature Is a Little Magic Slot

When LG announced its new flagship smartphone, the G5, at Mobile World Congress yesterday, it did something radically different. At the base of the phone, LG built a small slot it might just change everything. Read More >>

Samsung Put Me in an Absurd Hell Chamber of Virtual Reality Headsets

Today was weird. Samsung’s events are not something that usually fall under the definition of normal, but today was particularly crazy. See, I sat in a gigantic dark room filled with 5,000 other people while we watched the new Galaxy S7 phone being revealed—through a VR headset. It was terrifying and cool, but mostly terrifying. Read More >>

Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera Wants to Make Everyone a VR Creator

It’s a common story in technology. Hardware always develops faster than the content enjoyed on it. Ultra-high definition (better known as 4K) televisions fought the problem, and virtual reality can’t escape a similar battle. So Samsung is taking the matter into its own hands, and yours, with the Gear 360. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S7: The Six Things You Need to Know

Samsung revealed its new flagship smartphone—the Galaxy S7—today at Mobile World Congress (MWC), and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the device for a short demo. After spending a few minutes testing the device, it became clear that Samsung can still makes a great Android phone. Read More >>

This LG Robot Ball Thing Is Insane

Let’s talk about balls for a second. They’re super handy. They’ve done a lot for humans. And because of spherical objects, we have sports and automobiles. Heck—even the Earth is a giant ball. Read More >>

HP’s Elite x3 Is a Beastly Smartphone…Running Windows

When Microsoft announced its goal of unifying Windows 10 software across PC, tablets, phones, game consoles, and even Pi-powered micro computers, the future seemed promising. But there was one big problem with that vision: no one really wants a Windows smartphone. Read More >>

virtual reality
HTC Vive Will Cost $799 And Hit Shelves in Early April

We finally have the details of HTC’s virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive, and its availability. The VR headset will be available for pre-order later this month starting February 29th and it will hit the shelves early April. HTC still hasn’t confirmed the exact release date, but it has given us plenty of other details. Read More >>

LG’s All-Metal G5 Is Like a Future Phone Prototype

After weeks of speculation, the LG G5 is finally here. This is the fifth generation of LG’s flagship smartphone, and this time around, the phone has been completely reimagined: The G5 has an aluminium case, includes a crazy expansion slot that we’ve never seen on a phone before, and supports a handful of accessories that make the phone feel more like a toy than a smartphone. Read More >>

MWC 2016: Everything to Expect from Samsung, Sony, LG and More

These tradeshows come around quickly, don't they? Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC) kicks off this weekend, and will see the world's biggest tech bods -- apart from Apple, which is obviously too cool for school -- transform Barcelona into a weird, geeky circus. Seriously, there'll be phones, smartwatches and VR headsets coming out of our ears. Read More >>