What Myspace Lost

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Myspace was never finished, only abandoned.” Not those words exactly, but if disappeared, and the Louvre burned down, and all libraries were defunded, and a solar flare wiped out all of Earth’s power, and a historian found this sole surviving blogpost 200 years from now, they might equally wonder what was Myspace, and who was Leonardo da Vinci, and did he know the great composer Alice Cooper, whose vinyl records were discovered in a basement in the underwater island of Manhattan? History exists only as long as our artefacts, which survive by miracle or by the tender care of centuries-old institutions that protect them from fire, war, disc rot, magnets, selfies, and Sunday painters. Read More >>

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Why These Social Networks Failed So Badly

Sixteen years ago, the sun set on Web 1.0, and we embarked by the light of our smartphones to 24/7 connectivity, down a road paved with corporate blunders, littered with yesterday’s top 8 friends, scrubbed n00ds, trashed chiptune tracks, bomb threats, and downy unicorn costumes. Comedic treasures were born and abandoned by parent companies; screaming crowds running through billowing tear gas from police vanished behind defunct video players. Devs dreamed of love, artists of postmodern interfaces, and unknowns of entertainment careers. Netizens injured themselves for stunts, by accident, and on purpose. We submitted to our overlord Mark Zuckerberg and the army of influencers. And so many rubber ducks wailed. Read More >>

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Thousands of Lost MySpace Songs Have Been Recovered—No Thanks to MySpace

Last year, a borked server migration resulted in MySpace losing all of the music uploaded to the website between 2003 and 2015—a loss estimated at more than 50 million tracks from 14 million artists. But now a small fraction has been recovered thanks to an anonymous group of academics and uploaded to the Internet Archive. Read More >>

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MySpace Loses Everyone’s Embarrassing Old Photos

MySpace, the ancient social network that was about music and bands instead of social radicalisation and death threats, claims to have "accidentally" deleted a vast chunk of legacy content. In short, you can stop worrying that perhaps you need to go back there and remove the fan art of the Stereophonics that the younger you may have drawn and uploaded. Read More >>

MySpace Nukes Massive Security Loophole (But Go Delete Your Stuff Anyways)

Remember Myspace? Yeah, it’s still a thing. And for months, the social network reportedly had a security flaw that made it ridiculously easy to hack into any profile with just a date of birth. Read More >>

Six Dead Websites That Should be Brought Back

Last week, we asked you which dead or long-ignored website you'd love to see dusted off and brought back to life. The result was a veritable tour of the best sites of the '90s and early 2000s. Let's surf the web of nostalgia. Read More >>

MySpace Wants You Back, if Only to Delete Photos of Your Innocent Younger Self

MySpace has hit upon a novel way of reminding us it used to exist, by emailing out photos of our younger selves. The idea being we'll all flock back to talk about Evanescence, Will Young, Eminem and whatever else our stupid former personalities used to like in 2003. Read More >>

If MySpace Had Facebook’s Look Back Video

Facebook's look-back videos are a delightful—if sentimental—look at the last few years of your social media existence. But that's because you've had a great decade! What about the less fortunate? What would, say, MySpace's look back video be? Read More >>

The New MySpace Is Already In Trouble For Peddling Tunes It Doesn’t Have the Rights For

The new Myspace, risen from the social media ashes like some kind of a semi-relevant phoenix from the 00s, has already hit its first snafu. It turns out that the site—totally centred around music—might not have secured the right rights. And there's a whole army of small record labels who aren't pleased. Read More >>

Who Does Facebook Search Screw the Most?

Graph Search, which we're going to call Facebook search from here on out because nobody wants to read or write "Graph Search," is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over onto its rivals—which companies lose the most? Read More >>

New MySpace Is Now Open to the Public

After six months of beta testing, the new MySpace is finally opening its doors to the public: now, anyone who wants an account can trot over to the site and sign up. Read More >>

MySpace Tom Is a Prick

Remember MySpace? No, not the new one, but the old, horrible one, the acne of the Internet, the one with Tom's dumb face plastered across it? Ever wonder what happened to him? He makes fun of poor people on Twitter. Read More >>

The New MySpace Review: Just Die Already

MySpace is back, again. But this time, it realises how horrible it used to be — and almost everything old is gone. It's a totally fresh start. Unfortunately, New MySpace is like Old MySpace in one very important way: It's still stupid. Read More >>

Why MySpace Has a Good Shot at Killing Spotify

When Spotify launched four years ago in Sweden, it launched not as a direct competitor to massive musical monoliths like iTunes, but as a cheap, all-you-can-eat alternative to piracy. People who were previously cut off from music by the Man were re-introduced to their favourite songs on the cheap. Spotify found a way to compete with free by ingeniously appealing to music lover's morals. Now, someone else is using their killer feature, and giving it away for free. Meet the new MySpace. Read More >>

Apple Can’t Trademark Its Music Icon Because of… MySpace

In a hilarious court ruling, Apple got denied a trademark on its orange music icon (the one that's on iOS devices) because trademark judges said consumers might confuse the logo with one owned by MySpace. Hah! Read More >>