Researchers Just Answered One of the Big Questions About How Black Holes Form

Among the (many) mysteries surrounding the gigantic black holes that live at the centre of galaxies is just how they managed to get so big, so fast. Finally, scientists have come up with an explanation for their improbably large existence. Read More >>

There is a Secret Gold Link Apple Watch and Beyoncé Has It

Beyoncé recently wore a gold link Apple Watch at the Coachella music festival — but it’s not one of the Apple Watch bracelets available to buy, at least not yet. Elderly Draco Malfoy impersonator Karl Lagerfeld also had his wrist photographed clad in this mysterious gold link Apple Watch. Read More >>

What are These Giant Concrete Rings Built by the Nazis?

These huge concrete rings were built by the Germans during World War II on the coast of the Barents Sea. For decades, the Soviet military limited access to them after the war was over, fuelling speculation about their purpose. Conspiracy theorists and local folk claimed they were test grounds for Nazi weapons and antigravity devices. Read More >>

All the Airplanes That Have Mysteriously Vanished Since 1948

As this Bloomberg map shows, Malaysian flight 370 is not the first flight to mysteriously disappear. 83 flights have vanished since 1948; 80 of them never to be found again (the dots in yellow). This map only includes flights capable of carrying more than 14 passengers. Read More >>

Flight MH370 Debris May Have Been Spotted in the Australian Stretch of the Indian Ocean

The mystery surrounding Flight MH370 has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, but an answer to how the plane managed to have seemingly vanished could be on its way -- Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed that debris has been spotted in the south Indian Ocean which could potentially be the remains of the craft. Read More >>

NASA Solves the Mystery of the Rock That Materialised on Mars

At last, NASA's scientists have solved the mystery behind the rock that materialised out of nowhere right in front of the Mars Curiosity rover–the infamous doughnut rock–that surprised everyone at mission control. Read More >>

Dying Grandmother’s Mystery Code Cracked by the Internet After 20 Years

Ask MetaFilter member JannaK presented the community with a puzzle that had been troubling her family for nearly 20 years. Her grandmother died in 1996 from cancer and in her last days she scribbled down a seemingly non-sensical string of characters on index cards. Nobody knew what it all meant. Then the Metafilter community solved the puzzle in 14 minutes. Read More >>

Man Discovers Giant Monopoly Board Hidden Under His Carpet

What's the best thing you've ever found when cleaning up your house? I found a long-lost fiver down the arm of the sofa the other day, which I was able to retrieve after some careful biscuit-crumb archaeological work. But a man-sized Monopoly board? That's something else. Read More >>

Real Life Architectural Puzzles Made for Escaping

You're alone in a room, or perhaps with a small group of friends, looking for a way out, searching all the walls and surfaces around you, even the furniture and objects, for clues. There is no apparent way out. There are no immediately visible doors. But you haven't been kidnapped, and this isn't Saw; it is one of many "real life room escape games" becoming more popular in China. Each room—if you manage to escape—leads to another room, with its own set of puzzles and clues, until finally, eventually, exhaustingly, you solve your way to freedom. Read More >>

Facebook Phone
Is the Facebook Phone Finally Going to Rear Its Ugly Head on January 15?

People. This is it. Facebook has something to show us, on January 15th no less. "Come and see what we're building" says the invite. What could it be? The fabled, practically-vapourware Facebook phone? Maybe a Facebook tablet? Or in fact, Facebook could have a new cyborg plug-in for your brain, so you can instantly over-share literally everything, including pure thought. Amazing! Read More >>

A Search Team May Have Finally Found Amelia Earhart After 75 Years

75 years after Amelia Earhart disappeared, people are still looking for her. In fact, just last month, a search team started a search expedition only to leave without discovering Amelia's wreckage. Or so they thought. The team recently took a closer look at the underwater images they captured and now think they may have found her. Read More >>

Were the Giant Easter Island Statues Simply Walked To Where We Found Them?

Like the mystery of how the great pyramids in Egypt were built, no one's really sure how the giant Moia statues on Easter Island were transported to the platforms where they were later discovered. But researchers think they might have finally figured it out. Read More >>

These Are the Apple Factory Worker’s 13 Commandments

A guy found this mystery card inside his new MacBook Pro box. The card, written in Cantonese, belongs to the factory worker who packed the laptop, and after being translated, we now know it contains the 13 Commandments of Foxconn. Here's what it means: Read More >>

How a British Florist Solved the Mystery of the Coming Apocalypse

Last week, in the south west of England, the world started to fall in on itself. As little blue balls of sticky gel fell from the sky, Steve Hornsby feared the worst: the end was surely nigh. But, phew, it's all OK. A florist from a nearby town has sorted it out. Read More >>

Somebody Ordered Tonnes of Satellite Photographs of China’s Mysterious Structures

There are lots of explanations for the gigantic structures built in China's desert. But the most mysterious thing is invisible: according to a former CIA analyst, there's someone who has ordered tonnes of satellite photos of this area since 2004. Read More >>