Netflix’s White Rabbit Project Looks Like a Goofier Version of MythBusters

Netflix and the producers of MythBusters (RIP) have a new show in which crazy things are tested and built, and it looks a lot like... MythBusters. The show, titled White Rabbit Project, also looks like goofy fun—in addition to fire and ridiculous machines, there’s jousting, boozing, cockroaches, and Office Space jokes. Read More >>

The Mythbusters Build Team is Heading to Netflix

Mythbusters may have booted out its Three Musketeers shortly before the entire series was shut down, but the M7 Build Team is coming back with a new Netflix show about the dark corners of web science. Read More >>

No, a Lemon Can’t Actually Start Fires and Here’s Why

Earlier this year a video appeared online purportedly showing how you could turn a lemon into a simple battery, and then use it to start a fire by igniting a piece of steel wool. It was similar to a simple science experiment many people tried at primary school, but going one step further to make fire? That’s where the science falls apart. Read More >>

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Relive All the Best Moments Of Mythbusters With This Incredible Supercut

After almost 300 episodes and fifteen seasons on Discovery, the Mythbusters have called it quits. To commemorate the end, Thomas Crenshaw put together an amazing supercut that reminds us why the show was awesome. Read More >>

Steve Wozniak is Making a Reality TV Show About Tech

Engineer, philanthropist, Apple co-founder and Gizmodo contributor Steve Wozniak is teaming up with Mythbusters' Kari Byron (seen in the photo above) for an upcoming reality show called The Woz. Read More >>

Walk Around Adam Savage’s Mini-Museum on Google Street View

Adam Savage isn't just one half of the Mythbusters power duo, he's the patron saint of awesome nerdiness. With decades in the movie prop and special effects business, he's got a jaw-dropping collection of cool stuff—and now you can tour Savage's Cave on Google Street View. Let's take a gander! Read More >>

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Can You Kill Someone With an Icicle? Slingshot Maniac Investigates

Everyone's favourite vaguely Eastern European slingshot enthusiast is back again to endanger both himself and the people he loves. Except this time, Joerg is flinging ice—because winter is coming. Read More >>

Can a Digger Really Row a Freaking Boat?

Somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the Saigon River floats the most insane, makeshift boat I've ever seen. Seriously. It looks like a floating concrete block being rowed by a construction excavator. Huh? Read More >>

MythBusters Was Banned from Talking About RFID Chips Because Credit Card Companies Are Little Weenies

RFID chips are super cool because those little buggers can beam things wirelessly. The guys at Mythbusters totally thought so too and wanted to make an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were. Sounds amazing! Everyone would've learned more about the technology that's invisibly invading our lives. But, nope. Credit Card companies banned 'em. Read More >>

How The Mythbusters Accidentally Punched a 15cm Cannonball Hole in a People Carrier

The cannonball was supposed to blast through an array of water barrels and a cinderblock wall. Supposed to. Instead it hit the wall, a hill and Jasbir Gill's Toyota Sienna. Now do you see why they tell you not to try this at home? Read More >>

Mythbusters To Host Discovery’s Documentary On Steve Jobs

Here's a TV show to queue up your DVR. Our favorite Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are teaming up to honor Steve Jobs in an hour-long documentary that'll air on the Discovery Channel later this month. Read More >>