What Is A Cryptid? The Gizmodo Guide To Undocumented And Unusual Beasts

Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster, Australia the Bunyip and America its Jersey Devil. All over the world you hear tales of mythical beasts, animals and monsters that might just exist, even if they’re not scientifically recognised. From lake monsters to living dinosaurs to creatures straight out of myth — we’re talking about cryptids. Read More >>

The Best Way to Save Your Drowned Phone Isn’t With Dry Rice

We do love a good busted myth. Most of us have long considered a temporary rice burial the best method of reviving a phone you’ve accidentally dropped in water, but a bunch of chaps who have enough money to not really care about potentially damaging their electronics have found a new way. Read More >>

Myths, Monsters and Heroes: How Comic Books Were Influenced by the Stories From Our Past

It doesn’t take an expert in ancient cultures to draw parallels between the stories of our favourite comic book heroes and the demi-gods from Greek myths, prophets from religious traditions and monstrous characters from folk tales all over the globe. Read More >>

Babies Born at Disneyland Don’t Get a Lifetime Pass

On July 4th, 1979 little Teresa Salcedo was the first baby born in Disneyland at California. But contrary to urban legend, she didn’t get a lifetime pass to the Happiest Place on Earth. Read More >>

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Adam Savage’s Replica Hedge Maze From The Shining is Scarily Accurate

When Mythbusters' Adam Savage isn't, uh, busting myths, he spends his time crafting amazing replicas of movie props, among other hobbies. This time around it's the hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, prompted by Savage's disappointment in what should have been the "official" version. Read More >>

What Lies Below: A Look at Secret Subterranean Manchester

Last week we looked at what lies below our nation’s capital, this week it’s time to peel away Manchester’s tarmac and explore the labyrinthine tunnels, underground architecture and caverns that reside up north. Read More >>

What Lies Below: A Look at Secret Subterranean London

Every year millions of tourists flock to London to marvel at its historic buildings, parks and attractions, but if you scratch beneath London's surface, you'll reveal a dark, intimidating web of abandoned stations, military tunnels and historic catacombs. Read More >>

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Debunking 20 Common Misconceptions About Sex

Maybe you consider yourself a maestro in the bedroom or a lion in the sheets or think that you don't need no stinking advice about sex. But do you really know what you're doing? Do you really have all your info right? Mental Floss decides to debunk 20 common misconceptions about sex in the video below. You'll learn something. Read More >>

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5 Common Life Hack Myths That Aren’t True At All

Debunking life hacks are always fun—come on, pointing out silly people doing silly workarounds for silly things to save a silly amount of time never gets old—so Household Hacker whipped up a quick list of five myths that some people do that don't actually help change anything. Putting batteries in the fridge? Using salt to make water boil faster? All nonsense. Read More >>

Why the Movie Myth of Injecting Medication Into the Heart Is Garbage

Myth: Injecting medicine straight into your heart can be beneficial in some way. Read More >>

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Debunking 50 Common Misconceptions

All the things that you thought you knew? Like that Vikings wore helmets with horns. Or that rice causes birds to explode. Or that Marie Antoinette said 'Let them eat cake'. Yeah, never happened. John Green of Mental Floss created this video that debunked 50 common misconceptions. Your brain might explode after watching it all. But at least you get to explode other people's brain after with your sheer weight of knowledge. [Mental Floss] Read More >>

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Booze Legends: Debunking the Myths Every Drinker Believes

The world is rife with alcoholic lore. That's lore regarding alcohol, not told by alcoholics. Well, there's plenty of both. But what about all those rules we learned at uni? Beer before liquor, never been sicker. More bubbles, more buzz. Different kinds of drinks get you different kinds of drunk. In vino, veritas. For all the legends, there is a shortage of scientific data to confirm or challenge the conventional wisdom... until now! Read More >>