One of Sky Mobile’s Tom Hardy Adverts Has Been Banned for Being Misleading

If you've watched live TV or been to the cinema recently you might have seen the Sky Mobile advert featuring Tom Hardy talking about swapping your phone after 12 months. Not the one with the sugar cubes, the one with Tom Hardy walking along the coast. Well that advert just got banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Read More >>

Android’s Next Release May Alter the Navbar Icons

A rumour concerning what we might be poking at in boredom on a future Nexus phone says we should expect Google to fiddle with its Android OS' software button icons yet again, with a source suggesting it may be readying the fill tool to turn those software buttons into solid lumps of white -- and also add a touch of animation to the Home option. Read More >>

Android N Dev Preview 2 Arrives With Posh New 3D Rendering Tools

Google has released its latest mobile work in progress, with the Android N Developer Preview 2 available for people who own spare phones they like to hack about with for fun. Read More >>