The N64 Controller Almost Had its Own Private Second Screen

Few controllers in the history of video gaming had to do as much heavy lifting as the N64's. It not only introduced Nintendo fans to analog control sticks, it also included a slot for memory cards, and eventually the heavy Rumble Pak accessory. A second screen accessory almost happened too, but instead found its way into another classic console. Read More >>

Video Game Preservationist Finds Rare Prototype N64 Controller and the Joystick That Should Have Been

Before the public even gets a glimpse at a new console, it’s made available to developers in prototype form so they can have new games ready for its launch. Thanks to strict NDAs and contracts those prototypes are rarely revealed, but Shane Battye, a retro gaming preservationist, managed to get his hands on an early N64 controller prototype, revealing what could have been. Read More >>

This Simple Nintendo 64 HDMI Adapter Will Finally Put GoldenEye On Your Giant Flatscreen TV

Does Nintendo plan to continue its Classic Edition line of miniaturised, game-stuffed consoles? Next in line would be the N64, which includes one of the most loved games of all time; Rare’s GoldenEye 007. But licensing issues mean that even if we do get an N64 Classic Edition, it might not come bundled with 007. So an accessories maker named EON has come up with an even better solution: a simple HDMI adapter that makes the original N64 compatible with modern TVs. Read More >>

Witness This Mind-Blowing Triple N64 Speed Run

Think you’re good at multi-tasking? Think again! Meet Karl Jobst, a man who recently played three N64 classic titles all at once and beat them all in under an hour using no cheats whatsoever. Read More >>

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The Most Realistic Goldeneye Mod I’ve Ever Seen

I still consider Goldeneye to be the most fun I've ever had with a controller in my hand. But I have to admit, as this 'in real life' mod illustrates, the single player game was incredibly frustrating at times. Read More >>