Razer Nabu Review: Smart Features Made Stupid 

“For gamers, by gamers” is the kind of motto that sells liquid-cooled spec-obsessed towers, headsets, rumbling lounge chairs, and ergonomic mice with more buttons than a double-breasted suit. Razer, however, has these words stamped into the back of its wearable Nabu, which it’d like to remind us is not a smartwatch, but a watch with smart features. Read More >>

Razer Nabu X Review: Fit for Fitness, Not for Gaming

Razer loves to announce BIG, INDUSTRY-SHAKING gadgets only to immediately scale them down. The company’s first laptop started life as a handheld game console. Its first tablet originally had handlebars. The Nabu X is Razer’s latest big idea. Originally a pseudo-smartwatch, now it’s more of a fancy fitness tracker. It's a weird thing, but also rather cool. Read More >>

Razer’s Hard-to-Find Nabu Fitness Band Now Comes in a Cheaper £33 Model

The $100 (£66) Razer Nabu smartband never quite made it to market—unless you count a few thousand early adopter pre-orders here and there. But Razer's already taking the wraps off a cheaper alternative: the $50 (£33 d/c) Nabu X. Read More >>