London to Get Naked Restaurant (So Pick Something Spicy)

It’s not worth fighting it anymore. Everything’s gone fucking wrong. The giant, money-sucking circus that is London is to get its first naked restaurant, a pop-up (HAHAHAHAHA, get it?) called The Bunyadi, which is guaranteed to bring in the bantah boyz. Read More >>

“Naked Binmen” Hired to Shame Londoners into Wasting Less

An anti-litter charity is sending some "naked" men out on the streets of London this week, in a stunt designed to bring attention to the masses of waste that's generated at this over-consuming time of year. Read More >>

Celeb Porn Photogate II Said to be Underway

A new batch of hacked photos of celebs is in the process of being leaked, uploaded, deleted, uploaded, deleted and uploaded again, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Avril Lavigne said to feature in this latest stolen collection. [BBC] Read More >>

Behind the Scenes Pictures of a NSFW Playboy Photoshoot are so Awkward (NSFW)

NSFW. This is NSFW guys. If you don't want to see body parts typical of a Playboy photo shoot, do not click. Anyway. NSFW. Here's a collection of images from photographer Patrick Van Dam's book Playboy Behind The Scenes. It shows how those iconic centerfold sausages are made and how hilariously awkward and unsexy it can be behind the scenes of a Playboy shoot. Read More >>

Naked Human Bodies Jumping Up and Down in 2000FPS Is Not Flattering

Jiggle. Blubber. Bounce. Gravity's a bitch. It's especially unforgiving if you jump up and down naked while getting filmed at 2000FPS. That sort of slow motion camera work exposes all the extra meat we carry on our bodies. LA video artist Michael Haussman captured naked people in slow motion to show you what you're missing. Read More >>

Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room

Because Google Street View is the all seeing eye of the universe, it has done wonderful things like go underwater, trek the Grand Canyon and... blessing us with an endless amount of laughter because of the ridiculous things Street View finds. This one might top it all though. A couple was found pants down (or I guess, underwear down) in a fitting room, presumably about to get freaky. Read More >>

Naked Leo DiCaprio Lookalike Rescued From Chimney With a Crane

Breaking news from Berlin: a naked homeless man, on the run from the police no less, has had to be rescued from 10 metres down a chimeny. There are so many questions here: how did he get into the chimney? Why was he running from the police? How much money can you get from being a DiCaprio lookalike? And most importantly, WHY WAS HE NAKED? Read More >>

The Most Infamous Sexts of 2012 (NSFW)

Hacked pictures. FBI inbox sweeps. Cameras pointed at mirrors. This year was full of horny, naked Internet. Read More >>

Having a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone Case Is Actually Very Practical

If you saw a guy totin' around this iPhone case that has a 3D naked girl taking a bath in a hot tub, you might assume he was a pervert. You'd be wrong. He's actually a very practical iPhone user that values function over form. Read More >>