Legoland Lets People Called Archie in For Free

Legoland is celebrating the arrival of a posh baby by letting those who share the chosen name of the chosen child into its nightmarish land of wasps and queues for nothing, with anyone who can prove they're called Archie allowed into Legoland Windsor for nothing from now until July 12. Read More >>

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President Trump Praises His Good Friend ‘Tim Apple’

Look at the photo above. “Why that’s Donald Trump and highly recognisable tech CEO Tim Cook!” you might think. But you’d be wrong, because below is video of the President calling the magnate by his true name during today’s Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting. Read More >>

Pupil Hacks Google Maps to Label School “Hell on Earth”

You'd expect pupils of Hornsea School and Language College to be a little better behaved than this, but no. A child, or perhaps a disgruntled former janitor, managed to submit a name change for the facility to Google Maps, causing it to appear online under the name Hornsea Prison and Hell on Earth. Read More >>

‘Fanny’s Kebabs’ Denied Company Status

A Freedom of Information request placed with Companies House has delivered the goods, after someone had the idea of asking the business registrar for a list of names that it rejected for being too rude or suggestive. Read More >>

Kids With Bizarre Names Win Free Entry to LegoLand

Legoland's UK office is handing out free tickets to both children and adults from next week, but there's a catch. The potential free visitors have to have names a little bit more unusual than Olivia or George. Read More >>

Storm Brian is Coming This Winter

It seems a bit silly to call the small windy evenings we are occasionally ruffled by "storms" given the crisis in the US at the moment, but that's what the Met Office calls them so who are we to argue? And the weather watchers have hit the news today by revealing the thrilling list of names our local storms are to be known by this winter. Read More >>

Isis Street to Remain in Derbyshire

Residents of Isis Way in Derbyshire have failed in a bid to have the street's name changed to something less inflammatory, as hardly anyone bothered responding to a public consultation on the matter so... the name stays. Read More >>

You Might Have Changed Your Face to Suit Your Name, Says Science

Some people really look like their names. That guy in the open-necked shirt saying "ya" into his BlackBerry between sips of artisan coffee - he's a Jolyon. The mother angrily staring down whoever got the parking space before her? Totally a Sandra. And the toddler running rampant in the supermarket is 100% named Harmony - but we know that because her mum won't stop yelling it. Read More >>

Autocomplete County Searches Show No One Knows Where Anything is

A map based around what questions people have been asking Google of our English counties gives us a very accurate picture of the cluelessness of the general public, although it can at least teach us such amazing local facts such as "Lincolnshire is boring" and "Gloucester is a dump." Read More >>

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How Did the 12 Months of the Year Get Their Names?

The simple and obvious answer: they come from the Romans. But the whole story on how the months of the year got their names is a little bit more interesting. Read More >>

Euro 2016 Mascot Shares Its Name With a Giant Dildo

Everyone knows that the first thing you do when naming a new product is to look it up on the internet to make sure it doesn't mean something rude in another language or is a brand of massive vibrating black penis; a step in the process apparently missed by those responsible for naming the Euro 2016 mascot Super Victor. Read More >>

It Really Sucks to Be Named Jennifer Null

Once upon a time, the worst names to be named were things like Hugh Jass and I.P. Freely. But that all changed when we started living our lives on the internet. Read More >>

Man Buys (for a Minute)

A man claims to have owned the domain name for almost an entire minute, saying he got as far as paying for it and seeing the site show up in his personal Webmaster Tools admin area before it was snatched back. Read More >>

Met Office Brings US Storm-naming Idea to the UK and Ireland

We're copying that thing they do in America with the naming of the storms, it seems, with the UK's Met Office and the Irish Meteorological Service coming together to launch a trial of a naming system for the storms that land on the Atlantic coast. Read More >>

Germany Has Ordered Facebook to Allow Fake Names

The issue of using fake names on Facebook has been long-raging. But for Germany, the case seems pretty clear: a national privacy watchdog has told Facebook that it may not prevent the use of fake names. Read More >>