Samsung Now Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year’s Superphones

There might just be a 128GB memory option when it comes to upgrading to the Galaxy S4 next year or the S5 the year after, thanks to Samsung now mass producing 128GB memory chips for use in mobile devices. Read More >>

3D NAND Chips Are Going to Make High-Capacity SSDs a Reality

SSDs are wonderful things that massively speed up your computer and they're getting cheaper too. But currently they don't offer the capacity that some users demand. Fortunately, that could all be about to change. Read More >>

Apple Spending Tons of Cash on Israeli Super Memory

Israeli financial paper Calcalist reports Apple has thrown down some serious stacks to acquire Anobit, a flash memory firm. But the purported £250-£320 million (!) buyout isn't just for any memory firm — Anobit says its memory's faster and cheaper. Read More >>

128Gb NAND Chips Promise SD Cards with Terabytes of Storage

Cell phones have taken another step towards becoming full-fledged pocket computers with an announcement by Micron and Intel. Get ready to carry even more of your digital life on your phone. Read More >>