Nandos is Giving Free Food to Teenagers With Exam Results Again, Starting Tomorrow in Scotland

It's summer, which means it's hot, painful to go outside, and we're on the brink of multiple news outlets publishing quotes claiming A Levels are too easy because teenagers can't possibly be that clever. Because everyone knows that Gen Z has had their brains rotted by Snapchat, Instagram, and all those other things that the loudest oldies don't fully understand. Summer also means Nandos is back to giving away free food to A Level students. Read More >>

Have Yourself a Peri Peri Christmas With Nando’s’ Christmas Burger

December is tomorrow, and if you've left the house anytime in the past month you will see that the world is getting ready for Christmas. In no industry is that more true that the restaurants, and everyone's favourite not-fast-food chicken connoisseur Nando's has unveiled its seasonal burger. Read More >>

Got Your A-Level Results? Nando’s Will Give You Free Chicken

Today is A-Level results day. That day when teenagers across the country find out if they got into their first-choice university, their back-up, or if they have to hunt for something through clearing. Whatever the results are, there are two things you can know for certain today. The first is that in three-four years time those results will be meaningless, and the second is that you can use them to get yourself free food at Nando's. Read More >>

Deliveroo Will Deliver your Cheeky Nando’s on an Electric Bike

Want to get a Cheeky Nandos with the #lads, but don't want to leave the sofa? Now you can! Read More >>