Desperate to Butcher Yourself a Nano SIM? Here’s the “World’s First” Nano SIM Cutter

Despite what the creator of the new tiny SIM card had to say about the ability to DIY yourself a fancy new nano SIM, where there's a, err, desperate will, there's a tool for the job. Meet the "world's first" nano SIM cutter. Read More >>

You Can Totally Butcher Your SIM Card into a Nano-SIM If You’re Insane

So let's say you're really excited to get a new iPhone 5, but unlike the average buyer, you're getting an unlocked one straight from Apple, and you're champing at the bit to bring it to your carrier. Problem: your current micro-SIM won't fit. What to do?! Well you can hack your normal SIM down to size, if you're desperate. Read More >>

You Can’t Just Cut Down Your Micro SIM to a Nano SIM

It looks like those with micro SIMs, or regular SIMs for that matter, aren't going to be able to whip out a pair of scissors and just cut the plastic off to turn them into nano SIMs. You'd have to shave 15 per cent off the back too. Read More >>

NanoSIMs For the iPhone 5 Start Arriving With Networks

If you needed any more proof that we're going to get a new nanoSIM-equipped iPhone 5 in the next week or two, this should put your mind at rest. NanoSIMs have apparently started arriving at network operators, including T-Mobile in Germany, and that could pretty much mean only one thing. Read More >>

Why the Next iPhone’s Tiny SIM Could Make a Big Difference

The latest supposedly-leaked iPhone 5 part is a tray for a nano-Sim card. We're skeptical about the authenticity of the images from, but there's plenty of reason to believe that Apple will use an even tinier SIM on its next-gen iPhone. Who cares? It turns out a little SIM could be a big deal. Read More >>

Nobody Asked for Smaller ‘Nano-SIM’ Cards, But They’re Coming Anyways

Data, reception, battery, screen, CPU, weight, size. These are the phone specs I'm concerned about. Smaller SIM cards? Not so much. But Giesecke & Devrient, one of the original SIM manufactuers, thinks we need a nano-SIM that's 30 per cent smaller. Great? Read More >>