World’s Strongest Material Goes from Conductor to Insulator When Stretched

You've heard all about the wonder properties of graphene, so come meet its one dimensional cousin, carbyne. A chain of single carbon atoms to graphene's two-dimensional layer of atoms, carbyne has some pretty amazing properties of its own. By one measure, it's the strongest material in the world (over graphene!), and a new study finds it has the strange ability to go from conductor to insulator with a small stretch. Read More >>

Tiny Gold Nanomotors Spin 10x Faster Than a Race Car Engine

Nanomotors are an amazing feat of engineering: tiny gold rods less than a micrometre long, powered by ultrasonic waves to spin at crazy-fast speeds. How fast? Scientists just figured out a way to measure, and it's astonishing: 150,000 RPM, ten times faster than the fastest race car engine. Read More >>

Bio-Organic Battery and Charger Combo Can Fully Charge in 30 Seconds

This video, which half the people on the internet seem to think is a fake, hopefully demonstrates the battery tech of the future. It's a bio-organic system that uses a battery full of 2.1 nanometer crystals to... make a phone work. Read More >>

This Is NASA’s Cancer-Sniffing Cellphone Sensor

What if you could use your phone to test the air for toxins? What if you could monitor your health simply by blowing on it? Sounds amazing, right? Nanosensor technology developed by NASA Ames is going to make that a reality. Read More >>

Single-Atom Wires Could Help Moore’s Law Live On

When you shrink wires down to nanometers in diameter, their resistivity normally grows exponentially — a trade-off which many have predicted will be Moore's Law's undoing soon. But a new, single-atom thick wire could change that. Read More >>

Apple’s Recalled First-Gen iPod Nanos Are Now Being Replaced With New Models

Back in November, Apple recalled its first gen iPod nanos because of battery issues. Early responders had theirs replaced with the same model — but now Apple is sending out the current Nano instead. Read More >>

The Money of the Future Will Shine Like Crazy

The Blue Morpho butterfly shines such a brilliant blue it almost seems electric. Its secret? Microscopic holes that play with light in an incredible way. And by using nanotechnology, we can replicate those same effects on printed objects, like money. Bling! Read More >>