Tokyo’s Newest Cafe Rents Out Naps to Women On the Go

With women languidly stretched out across Tokyo's newest cafe's stock of pay-by-the-minute beds, you could hardly be blamed for assuming something a little more lascivious is going on. But that's not what Nap Cafe Corne is about. Women come to this particular spot for the one thing every working girl craves—shut-eye. Read More >>

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Why We Need to Sleep So Much

One of the universal truths for most humans who appreciate things like comfort and relaxation and a collection of soft feathers and enveloping warmth and rejuvenation is that we love our sleep. It makes us feel good! And sure it wastes a lot of time but we feel like crap when we don't have enough of it. Read More >>

Sleeping In Public Just Keeps Getting Easier

Like ostriches themselves, the Ostrich Pillow is enigmatic and generally fascinating. Who would use it? Is it appropriate for children? Is it a sex toy? Hard to say! But it looks downright comfortable for napping. The only issue is carrying it. Read More >>

Nap-Anywhere Ostrich Pillow Does Away With Kids’ Napping Woes, Friends

Travel with us, if you will, back to about a year ago when something called the Ostrich Pillow was making waves across the internet with its lofty promises of a napping revolution. But the Ostrich Pillow was made for full grown sleepyheads; no kids allowed—until now, that is. Today, you can purchase for your child or otherwise small-headed friend an Ostrich Pillow Junior. Because nothing helps kids grow up quite like the merciless mocking of their peers. Read More >>

Pods Make Sleeping at the Airport Much Nicer, Or Way Weirder

You know when someone gets up and you take their seat and it's still warm? And it's kind of gross? Or uncomfortably intimate or something? Yeah, I'm worried about that times a million with these sleeping pods. Read More >>