Uranus Might Finally Get a Visitor After All These Years

Uranus is the loneliest thing in the solar system. It hasn’t had contact with anyone in over 30 years, since NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft whizzed by it on January 24th, 1986. Thankfully, some good folks at NASA and elsewhere are advocating for missions to Uranus and its Ice Giant companion, Neptune, which could take place at some point in the next few decades. Read More >>

Scientists Propose a New Way to Test How Space Radiation Will Fry You

You’re probably aware of some of the challenges of sending astronauts to space. Getting to space, that’s one for sure. But there’s another insidious effect you might not think of: Tissue damage from radiation. Read More >>

This Is One of the Coolest Shots of the Mars Curiosity Rover We’ve Ever Seen

See that faint, blue dot in the middle of this NASA image? That’s the Curiosity rover making its way up the rocky slopes of Mount Sharp. The robotic lander, now approaching its fifth year of operation, has never looked so lonely. Read More >>

NASA Astronaut Explains How to Drink Space Coffee: ‘Suck the Balls’

In space, it is crucial for even the most basic of human tasks to be carried out with a high degree of skill and for astronauts to remain alert. That is why Air Force Colonel and ISS crewmember Jack Fischer sucks the balls. Read More >>

This Beautiful Short Film Recreates the Moon Landing Using Thousands of NASA Photos

There’s no shortage of archival film footage of the moon landing—arguably one of humanity’s greatest achievements. But graphic designer Christian Stangl didn’t use any of it to create this short film. Instead, Lunar was created by animating thousands of still photos taken from NASA’s Apollo archives. Read More >>

NASA Lit A Fire in Space Again Because At This Point Sure Why Not

The only thing better than lighting a fire in space is lighting a fire in space again—and again! On Sunday, June 4th, the pyromaniacal hooligans at NASA successfully performed their third Spacecraft Fire Experiment (SAFFIRE) inside an Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft. Lighting up in space—which sounds wildly irresponsible—will actually help scientists prepare astronauts for deep space missions should something go awry. Read More >>

NASA’s Plan to Fill the Sky With Red and Green Clouds Has Been Postponed

To the relief of chemtrail conspiracy theorists, NASA’s plan to create red and blue-green coloured artificial clouds was postponed yesterday morning. The clouds were expected to be visible for much of the US East Coast and surely would have left many scratching their heads. Read More >>

NASA Can’t Wait To Plunge Itself Straight Into The Sun

I’ve seen this Danny Boyle movie. I remember how it ends! Read More >>

This Look at Jupiter’s Rings From the Inside is Breathtaking

Juno’s first major information dump revealed some incredible insights into our big ol’ friend, Jupiter. A few close approaches from the NASA spacecraft show that the gas giant has extremely chaotic storms and can generate aurorae in ways Earth can’t, among other oddities. In short, Jupiter is the wild west of the solar system, and an incredible view of its rings proves just how true that is. Read More >>

NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Survived an Impact With a Tiny Meteor

Three years ago, a camera aboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was struck by a tiny meteoroid as it was capturing an image of the lunar surface. By studying the resulting zigzag patterns, scientists have been able to estimate the speed and size of the offending object. Read More >>

We Chatted With the World’s Coolest Astronaut About Inspiring Kids and Sending Dogs to Space

Leland Melvin is a unicorn of a human being. He’s been drafted to the NFL, flown in the final frontier (twice), and now, written a book called Chasing Space. On the internet, the former NASA astronaut is best known for this unforgettable photo with his two dogs, Jake and Scout, who grace the cover of his new memoir. Gizmodo sat down with Melvin to talk about diversity in STEAM fields, education, and of course, Good Dogs in Space. Read More >>

NASA’s Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile of Results

There’s no drama quite like space drama. And Juno’s flight to Jupiter has been about as dramatic as a sci-fi thriller can get. Last October, Juno’s engine system malfunctioned, causing NASA to delay the orbiter’s planned approach into a 14-day “science orbit.” This February, NASA decided to forego the science orbit engine burn entirely, keeping the spacecraft in its much longer 53.5 day orbit. But today, we’re finally getting some good news. Read More >>

Which Astronaut Recently Got Fired From NASA for $1,600 in Fake Taxi Receipts?

Last December, an astronaut with NASA was fired for submitting over $1,600 (around £1227) in fake reimbursements for taxis they didn’t take. And strangely enough, we don’t know who it is. Read More >>