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Disney Finally Drops All the Details on the Upcoming Disney+ Streaming Service

Joining the increasingly crowded streaming space, the Walt Disney Company on Thursday delivered more details about its anticipated service Disney+. And if there was any question that this product would directly compete with Netflix, there certainly isn’t now. Read More >>

Drone Survey Identifies New Nazca Lines in Peru

Sometimes it feels like there is shockingly little we know about our own planet. Like, we literally missed some of the Nazca lines, perhaps one of the most recognisable and mysterious ancient landmarks around. Thankfully, archaeologists have now found “new” Nazca lines, with the help of drones. Read More >>

National Geographic Just Sent Me a Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Hi, National Geographic, it’s me, Ryan. I got your package today and I guess I’m wondering — why did you send me a pseudoscientific crystal healing water bottle with your name on it? Read More >>

Explore 130 Years of National Geographic Covers in Just Two Minutes

One of the last magazines that’s still worth reading in print form, National Geographic has featured some fascinating stories over the years, but most of us likely pore over each issue to marvel at the photography. First published way back in 1888, the magazine celebrates its 130th birthday in 2018 and is kicking off the festivities with this fantastic timelapse of all its past covers. Read More >>

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Incredible Slo-Mo Footage Reveals Hummingbirds are Nature’s Fighter Jets

Most birds get all the lift they need to fly with the downward stroke of their wings—meaning there’s no upward force being produced as they raise them back up. Hummingbirds, on the other hand, produce lift with both their upward and downward wing strokes, creating air vortices that the tiny birds use to fly with incredible manoeuvrability. Read More >>

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The Chaos of Racing Old-Timey Vehicles Is More Exciting Than Formula One

As the world’s premiere auto racing league, the cars that compete in Formula One are technological marvels. But watching what goes into racing vehicles from the turn of the century gives you a greater appreciation for what our ancestors had to deal with to quench their need for speed. Read More >>

National Geographic Launches Face Swap Campaign to Encourage Empathy, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

Brands have been latching onto millennial trends in an attempt to stay trendy, and it is almost always ill-advised. Unfortunately, National Geographic has yet to learn this. Read More >>

The Coolest Images From National Geographic’s 2015 Photo Contest

During 2015, more than 13,000 photographs were submitted to National Geographic’s annual photo contest. These 13 are the very best. Read More >>

National Geographic is Now Owned by a Climate Change Denier

News broke this week that Australian media mogul and climate change denier Rupert Murdoch has purchased a majority stake in National Geographic, a magazine and scientific organisation that has been staunchly non-profit since its first issue in 1888. Read More >>

Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Ancient Nubian Pyramids

Another great thing you can do with drones—take stunning footage of ancient royal burial chambers. This National Geographic video offers an entirely new perspective on the Nubian pyramids that have stood the test of time in the Sudanese desert for over 3,000 years. Read More >>

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The Best National Geographic Readers’ Photos of 2014

National Geographic just announced the winners of their 2014 Photo Contest and they are truly amazing. There are plenty more on its website. Read More >>

This Guy’s Job is to Hack Cameras for National Geographic Photographers

If you've ever dreamt of a weird feature you wanted your camera to have for a specially specific purpose, the guy to call would be Kenji, National Geographic's very own tinkerer extraordinaire. Head over to their very own Proof blog for a peek inside his workshop. Read More >>

National Geographic Built a Gigantic Four-Tonne Chain-Reaction Contraption

Whether or not it's actually the best way to lure audiences away from their mobile devices and back to TV remains to be seen, but what's for certain is that the desperate attempts to win back eyeballs have certainly been entertaining. The Discovery channel had a snake eat a man, but the National Geographic channel went a decidedly less disgusting route with a massive four-tonne science experiment. Read More >>

Only a Sheet of Ice Protects You From Falling 1000 Feet Down This Hole

Photographer Aaron Huey, who is on assignment for National Geographic, recently shared a picture of a frighteningly deep hole on the Lower Ruth Glacier. The only thing stopping people from plummeting down the 1000 feet drop into the ground is a sheet of ice. One crack, though. Read More >>