natural disasters
‘I Have Rights:’ How Undocumented Labourers in the US Are Exploited During Disaster Recovery

Mario used to work. A lot. Twelve-hour workdays and seven-day workweeks are kind of the expectation when your job is to rebuild after a storm – and you’re undocumented. He hasn’t worked in about a year, though. Read More >>

natural disasters
Typhoon Hagibis Is Japan’s Latest Incredibly Costly Disaster

Typhoon Hagibis may now be a swirl of clouds near the US state of Alaska, but its impacts on Japan are still playing out. The country was walloped by the storm over the weekend, with some areas receiving 40 per cent of their annual rain in the span of a few days. Read More >>

Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill in Bahamas Has Spread to the Sea

Clean up and assessment of an oil spill on Grand Bahama Island following Hurricane Dorian has begun – and the oil may have travelled beyond land and into the sea. Read More >>

Hurricane Dorian Caused an Oil Spill That Could Be a ‘Socioeconomic Tragedy’

Hurricane Dorian’s devastation has killed at least 30 in the Bahamas. All this death has a distinct smell, Sam Teicher said. The founder of Coral Vita, a coral-growing operation based Grand Bahama, had that awful, hair-raising stench in his nose all day on Thursday as he drove around trying to help those in need. Only one other odour was able to distract Teicher from the lingering odour of death: oil. Read More >>

natural disasters
Hurricane Dorian May Have Caused a Critically Endangered Bird to Go Extinct

Over the weekend, Abaco and Grand Bahama islands took a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian when it was at its peak intensity. Its winds of 185 mph and powerful storm surge washed over the Bahamas’ islands, destroying or damaging an estimated 13,000 homes. Seven people are confirmed dead, and the death toll is expected to rise. Read More >>

natural disasters
New Aerial Footage of the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Is Absolutely Gut-Wrenching

Even before landfall, it was pretty clear Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands would never be the same after Hurricane Dorian. Now, after 36 hours of pummelling winds and waves from the Category 5 hurricane, the world is getting its first glimpse at what that devastating transformation looks like. Read More >>

Smoke Has Blotted Out the Sun in São Paulo as the Amazon Burns

What began as a “day of fire” a week and a half ago has now turned daytime skies in São Paulo an inky black. The Amazon has been in deep, deep trouble ever since far-right president Jair Bolsnaro took over running Brazil. Advocates feared his regime would commit ecological “genocide” in the Amazon and with each passing month, those fears are becoming reality. Read More >>

Google Is Doing Something Good With Its Money This Hurricane Season

After natural disasters strike, families are forced to cobble their lives back together. However, government aid may take months to reach the hands of those who need it. In the interim, organisations usually rally to send items such as food and water into hard-hit communities, but what if groups gave survivors cold, hard cash so they could buy what they actually need? Read More >>

At Least 22 Dead, More Than a Million Reported Displaced as Typhoon Lekima Makes Landfall in Eastern China

At least 22 deaths have been reported, and more than a million have been forced to leave their homes after Typhoon Lekima smashed into China near Wenling in southeastern Zhejiang province, between Taiwan and Shanghai, the BBC reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Miles Below Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Limiting Casualties

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake rocked northern Peru on Sunday, killing at least one man and causing several injuries, the Associated Press reports. Read More >>

Southern African Countries Face Disease Outbreaks, Mental Health Crisis in Wake of Cyclone Idai

More than a week has passed since Cyclone Idai tore through the coast of southeastern Africa, dealing a devastating blow to the region. The cyclone has killed more than 750 among the three countries impacted, reports the Associated Press. And it’s left the major city of Beira in ruins. Read More >>

California’s 2018 Was the Worst Ever Recorded for Wildfires

California’s 2018 is officially the worst year for wildfires in recorded state history, the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month, citing the US National Interagency Coordination Center’s year-end statistical analysis. The 1.8 million acres of California land that burned last year was more than any other American state in 2018, and it far surpassed 2017's tally of 1.3 million acres in California. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Scott McLean confirmed to the Times that the wildfires were unprecedented. Read More >>

‘Almost Everything Is Destroyed’: Cyclone Idai Leaves Mozambique’s Fourth-Largest City in Ruins

On March 15, a rare, giant cyclone made landfall in Mozambique before making its way west to Malawi and Zimbabwe. By Saturday, Cyclone Idai had dissipated, but not before causing widespread infrastructural damage throughout eastern Africa and claiming more than 200 lives, reports Al Jazeera. Read More >>

The Funeral Directors Deployed to America’s Deadliest Disasters

Last November, as wildfires ravaged the town of Paradise, California, Robert Vigil received an urgent call from the Department of Health and Human services (HHS). Local officials were racing to identify the remains of fire victims, and Vigil, who has spent 26 years as a funeral director in Yuma County, Arizona, was needed on the scene. Read More >>

‘Dark’ Fibre Optic Cables Can Measure Earthquakes 

Scientists hope to employ networks of “dark fibres,” unused fibre optic cables, in order to sense sound waves moving underground—the signals of earthquakes. Read More >>