Fourth Man Confirmed to Have Died in Hunt For the Rocky Mountains’ Possibly Fictional Treasure

The myth of a treasure hoard hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains has lured a fourth person to their death, the BBC reported. Read More >>

UK Vaguely Wobbled by Mild Earthquake Horror as Weak Tremor Jingles Tea Cups in Cumbria

The small talk in Cumbria today is going to be about something other than the weather, believe it or not. The lucky residents get to remark upon the happening on an earthquake for once, after a 3.2 magnitude tremor hit the county. Read More >>

David Attenborough Still Isn’t Bored of Penguins

David Attenborough is once again set to bang on about penguins and lions for the BBC, suggesting that he thinks people haven't been paying attention to anything he's said for the last 60 years or so and needs to do it all again. Perhaps shouting this time or in VR. Read More >>

Nigel the Bird Found Dead Next to The Concrete Partner He Tried to Woo For Years

Twenty years ago, conservationists in New Zealand placed 80 fake gannet birds on Mana Island in an attempt to attract some real-life gannets. But only one bird finally showed up in 2015. That bird, which locals named Nigel, spent years in a futile effort to woo a mate who was made of concrete. But sadly, Nigel has been found dead next to his stone cold partner. Read More >>

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This Timelapse of Canada Is Proof That the Country Isn’t Always Buried in Snow

Florian Nick spent six weeks traveling over 3,400 miles across the western provinces of Canada, waking up at the crack of dawn to point his camera at sunrises, and hiking up mountains to capture awe-inspiring vistas. The result is a three-and-a-half minute short film called Alive that’s full of so much colour and detail it almost looks like a painting that’s come to life. Read More >>

Discovery of Extinct Burrowing Bat Tells Mysterious Story About New Zealand

All but three land mammal species living on New Zealand today were brought there by modern humans, beginning around 800 years ago—and all three of those native mammal species are bats. But a newly discovered bat fossil suggests that there may be more species hiding in the isle’s ancient rock. Perhaps the mammal-poor islands once had a far more batty past. Read More >>

Ridiculously Waterproof Fly Survives Dives Into Toxic Lakes

If you’ve ever seen an outdoor swimming pool between cleanings, then you’re well aware of the death trap that standing water can be for flying insects. Bees, grasshoppers, and flies all easily tumble into the chlorinated sea, only to find themselves drenched and unable to fly away. But one type of fly is both at home in the air and under water. Alkali flies (Ephydra hians) dive into a lake, feed on the bottom, and shoot back to the surface to fly away, staying drier than a saltine the whole time. Now, scientists have figured out how they pull it off. Read More >>

Scientists Are Using 3D Animation to Study Lizard Behaviour

Pixar's next wildlife-themed buddy adventure could be more realistic than ever. As long as it is about a lizard claiming territory, at least. Read More >>

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Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Spooky Arctic Jellyfish

Using a small robotic sub, scientists from Columbia University have captured rare video of Arctic jellyfish slithering along the bottom of the Chukchi Sea near Barrow Alaska. The footage came as a complete surprise to the researchers, who weren’t expecting to see jellyfish during the Arctic winter. Read More >>

Traces of Alzheimer’s Disease Detected in Wild Animal for The First Time

An international team of researchers has uncovered tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease in dolphins, marking the first time that the age-related disorder has been detected in a wild animal. Read More >>

A Little Bit of Blue Planet II Was Filmed in Fish Tanks

The BBC is looking to head off controversy about the forthcoming natural history showcase Blue Planet II by openly admitting before transmission that a few sequences were filmed in glorified fish tanks. Read More >>

Captive Orca Whales Are So Bored They’re Destroying Their Teeth

An investigation into the oral health of captive orca whales is raising serious concerns about the health and welfare of these majestic creatures. Out of boredom and frustration, many of the whales turn to chewing on concrete and steel tank surfaces, causing wear and tear that leads to further problems. Read More >>

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Watch a Pack of Adorable Arctic Fox Pups Destroy a Documentary Filmmaker’s Camera

When you work as a filmmaker, watching one of your cameras get destroyed is like watching part of your livelihood disappear. But it’s hard to be upset when the perpetrators dismantling your expensive equipment are a actually a pack of curious arctic fox pups—or kits, as they’re more accurately called. Read More >>

Scorpions Can Tweak Their Venom in Response to Changing Threats

New research shows that some scorpions can tailor their venom depending on the task at hand, whether it be snatching its next meal or protecting itself against predators. It marks the first time that scientists have documented the ability of an animal to adjust the toxicity of its venom according to need. Read More >>