The Azure Window From Game of Thrones Has Been Swallowed by the Sea

Malta’s famous natural arch, the Azure Window, has long been a hot spot for cliff jumping tourists and a location for fantasy films like Clash of the Titans and Game of Thrones. But filmmakers will have to use CGI now if they want to shoot a scene there because the arch is completely gone now. Read More >>

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Seeing the Seasons Pass in Norway Is Surreal

Morten Rustad travelled over 12,000 miles, taking 20,000 photos over the course of an entire year to make this beyond impressive time-lapse of the seasons changing in Norway. It's the perfect way to take yourself away from all the nonsense going on in the world for a few moments. It almost makes you want to leave everything behind and just live under the sky. Read More >>

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Walking on the Roads of Argentina Looks Awesome

Argentina has so many wonderfully different backdrops and views that it’s a pretty perfect place to travel through. Guillaume Juin walked on the roads of the beautiful country and captured gorgeous imagery in this video. You can really see how diverse the landscape is. In the northern parts of Argentina it’s a total desert. In the south? You’ll run into the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Patagonia. Read More >>

After More Than 100 Years, California’s Iconic Tunnel Tree Is No More

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, a giant sequoia in Calaveras Big Trees State Park that was tunnelled through in the 1880s, has fallen due to severe winter weather. It was believed to be hundreds of years old. Read More >>

Storm Clouds Look Even More Terrifying in Black and White

I love when photographer Mike Olbinski chases storms because his (always) stunning time lapses always remind me that the city I shelter myself in isn’t what the world is supposed to look like. The sky is a breathing beast that I’m blind to. Read More >>

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Seeing the Aurora Borealis’ Reflection on Water is So Cool

I was going to say my New Year’s resolution (and everyone who’s able) should be to see the Northern Lights in person, but I’m not sure seeing them with my own eyes can actually top the electric timelapses and stunning low light photography of them. This one by AD Photography shows the Aurora Borealis from Denmark and the orgy of dancing colours in the sky is just gorgeous. Seeing it bounce off the lake might be even better. Read More >>

The Sex Life of an Armadillo Is Even More Depressing Than Yours

Armadillos do not like to hang out. They generally keep to their home range, avoiding each other and eating alone. The breeding season poses a particular set of challenges for the solitary creatures, namely, tolerating one another long enough to fuck. Read More >>

Crazy Person Sticks Her Arm Inside a Box Filled with Mosquitoes to Get Bit More Than 30 Times

Sticking your arm inside a box of mosquitoes to get bit is very probably the most fearless thing a person on this planet can do. It’s also very probably the dumbest thing in the world to do because you’ll end up with over 30 itchy mosquito bites that’ll make you want to rip the skin off your arm. Read More >>

Watching a Man Sting Himself With the Most Painful Insect on Earth Will Give You Nightmares

What’s a few minutes of internet fame worth to you? Would you eat something gross? Would you risk your life flying down a mountain in a wingsuit? Or would you go so far as to let a bullet ant — the insect with the most painfully potent venom on Earth — purposely bite you? Read More >>

Wildlife Photo Competition Shows Nature Can Be Cruel – But Also Kind

London's Natural History Museum has shortlisted its nominees for the 2016 People’s Choice Award for wildlife photography. From playful polar cubs to the horrified last gaze of a wildebeest calf, these images are guaranteed to astound. Read More >>

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Watching Glow-in-the-Dark Fungi Grow is Damn Amazing

That’s it. I’m leaving the country. Since Planet Earth II isn’t available stateside yet, I can’t in my right mind live here knowing that there are other people in this world enjoying the soul lifting freedom that comes with seeing all this beyond-gorgeous footage of our world and every creature in it. Just watch this clip from the latest episode, “Jungle,” showing glow-in-the-dark fungi sprouting up in a time lapse. It’s unreal. Read More >>

We Are All Dead Moose, Frozen Mid-Fight in Futile Combat

Brad Webster was just showing a friend around the isolated town of Unalakleet, Alaska when they stumbled on a stark example of just how brutal nature can be — two dead moose, still locked in combat, frozen in ice. Read More >>

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Watching a Butterfly Hatch Looks Beautifully Alien

One of the wildest things that happens in nature is caterpillars go to sleep one day and then transform into a damn butterfly after a month. I thought that as a kid, and I still think it now. Like, that’s the closest thing we’ve got to actual sorcery on Earth. Read More >>

Check Out This ‘Bubblegum Coral’ at the Bottom of the World’s Deepest Trench

A recent expedition to explore marine life in the Marianas region of the Pacific has uncovered stunning new video of bubblegum coral, and the strange creatures who make these aquatic structures their home. Read More >>