Lincoln Residents Cheat Death as Mild Earthquake Rips Through Village

The epicentre of an earthquake hit the site of the UK village of Reepham on Monday, with locals reacting with mild curiosity and several going so far as to disengage from their smartphones to remark upon the quake to friends and colleagues. Read More >>

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These GIFs Of Endlessly Looping Waves Will Soothe Your Battered Soul

OK, so technically they're not GIFs, but "cinemagraphs", short, seamlessly repeating videos. Either way, these incredible loops of dramatic waves from Ray Collins and Armand Dijcks are endlessly soothing. Just watch and watch and watch and forget that the Earth will soon be one giant ocean. Read More >>

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Genius Crabs Use Natural Velcro to Cover Themselves in Camouflage

Some animals are born with natural camouflage that allows them to hide in their native habitats. But what happens when the ebb and flow of the daily tides is constantly changing your home turf? If you’re the the decorator crab, you simply grab whatever sea plants you can find and use them to disguise yourself. Read More >>

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Mountain Biker Narrowly Avoids Getting Mauled by a Bear

Sports are fun, right? You get to go outside, smell the dirt, use your muscles, hear the wind in the trees. It’s all fun and games until a goddamn bear shows up to eat you. Read More >>

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This Guy Loves to Cover His Hand With the World’s Grossest Bugs

Do you have hobbies? Maybe cycling or carpentry or something low key? Well, this guy has a cooler hobby than you. Read More >>

What Kind of Dog Is This?

Have you seen this dog? If you’ve been on Reddit lately, where this video by Japanese good boy enthusiast Hirofumi Kawano has been making the rounds, there’s a good chance you have. Read More >>

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Have You Ever Really Looked at Lava Falling Into the Ocean?

Now here’s a thing. Have you ever really looked at lava falling into the ocean? I mean, really looked at it? Read More >>

Soldier Ants Come to the Rescue of Wounded Comrades

In a behaviour never seen before in an insect species, predatory ants were observed to retrieve wounded comrades on the battlefield and then bring them back to the nest for recovery. Sounds noble, but these ants — who spend their days attacking termites — are simply being pragmatic. Read More >>

Lady Puffins Basically Holding Everything Together in Puffin Marriages

In the animal kingdom, pretty much everything wants to fuck and/or kill. But puffins—those flying penguin-looking things that live in regions around the North Atlantic—are special in the sense that they typically mate with the same partner for life. They’re even called “soulmate puffins,” which is so mind-numbingly adorable it makes my Grinch heart palpitate. Read More >>

Plants Are Gobbling Up Our Carbon Emissions, But Not Fast Enough

It’s one of the biggest mysteries in this global experiment we’re conducting by pouring 10 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year: What’ll happen to the plants? Will the relentless burning of fossil fuels prompt our leafy green friends to suck down more CO2, tapping the brakes on climate change? Or are the trees unable to bail Earth’s atmosphere out this mess? Read More >>

This New Species of Worm Snail Is Basically a Penis

Today, science news writers got excited about a purportedly new species of “worm snail” found by Field Museum researchers. It’s a slime-shooting, finger-length thing that shows up where no one wants it to. Read More >>

These Ancient Texts Might Help Us Predict the Next Massive Solar Storm

Spotting the Northern Lights anywhere in the United States (except for Alaska and the Upper Midwest) would probably be one of most notable experiences in an American space fan’s life. Now imagine if it was China or Japan a thousand years ago and you didn’t know what caused these light shows. Odds are, you’d freak out a little bit... and write about it. Read More >>

Elephant Herd Rescued After Harrowing Ordeal in Mud Trap

Late last week, 11 Asian elephants at Cambodia’s Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary ambled into a mud-filled bomb crater that dates back to the Vietnam War. Unable to get out, and with the mud quickly drying, the elephants’ situation become dire — prompting conservation officials to spring into action. Read More >>

The Azure Window From Game of Thrones Has Been Swallowed by the Sea

Malta’s famous natural arch, the Azure Window, has long been a hot spot for cliff jumping tourists and a location for fantasy films like Clash of the Titans and Game of Thrones. But filmmakers will have to use CGI now if they want to shoot a scene there because the arch is completely gone now. Read More >>