Holy Crap These Leech Cocoons Are Incredible

Leech cocoons, the sacks in which leeches lay their eggs, have an incredible solid-foam surface, as the image below shows: Read More >>

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I Love The Clouds Aeroplane Wings Create During Takeoff and Landing

To my eye, the clouds that aeroplane wings creates during takeoff and landing look like some sort of force field—like a stealth shroud that envelopes the plane as it flies around. Reality is less fun though, because the clouds rolling over the wings are caused by the lift forces that lets planes fly. Read More >>

Check Out All the Movies That La La Land References

Sara Preciado made a lovely video that places scenes from La La Land right next to other scenes from musicals and movies that La La Land was obviously referencing. It’s fun to watch (and I say that as a person who doesn’t really get into musicals) because it reminds you of all the peppiness and cheeriness that musical numbers have, without drowning in it. Read More >>

Compare All the Different Hill Valleys in Back to the Future

There are actually 5 different Hill Valleys in the Back to the Future series. The 1985 film gets two versions, the one where they start off and the alternate Biff-ruled version, there’s the throwback 1955 one, the awesomely futuristic 2015 version, and the old western 1885. Which one is your favourite? Trick question, it better be 2015. Read More >>

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Rush Hour at Heathrow Means a Never-Ending Line of Aeroplanes

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, so it’s no surprise that during the morning rush you’ll see a line of aeroplanes swarming around, patiently waiting to land on its runways. This video from TopFelya shows 30 minutes of morning arrivals, with a new plane coming in every other minute. Read More >>

Scenes from Shrek Side-By-Side With Scenes of the Films Shrek Makes Fun Of

Shrek is a good and fun films for kids because it follows a fun ogre with goofy sidekicks all through Shrek’s journey to find love. Shrek is a great and fantastically funny for adults because it never stops skewering the classic movies we once watched as kids. Read More >>

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Watch an Artist Turn Scrap Metal Into Animal Sculptures

Here’s a nice little portrait of artist Alan Williams and how he turns random metal parts like the keys of a typewriter or a bicycle pedal into these intricately designed sculptures of animals. It’s definitely cool to see him work and transform recycled man-made machine parts into creatures that exist in nature because you get to see how his art connects one world with the other. Read More >>

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Watch an Artist Sculpt Wonderfully Wacky Sculptures

Meet Wilfrid Wood. He’s an artist who specialises in sculpting heads and figures that are never boring, because they go far beyond the safe and traditional look many of us are used to seeing. Wood’s sculptures are often wacky, definitely fun, and always wildly expressive, like he’s managed to capture a person’s very specific reaction and emotion and feeling in each piece. Read More >>

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Watch the Mostly Terrible Things That Happened in 2016 Morph Into Each Other in This 60-Second Animation

I always enjoy watching Pranay Patwardhan’s short animation summaries of the previous year because I can’t wait to see what event happens to morph into what animation next. It’s not a comprehensive look back at what happened (I mean, it wraps up in under a minute), and let’s move the heck on already, but you definitely get the overall gist of the major events of 2016. And there were a lot. Read More >>

Watch This Stump Grinder Basically Vaporise a Tree Stump

It shouldn’t exactly be a surprise that a stump grinder would be so good at, well, grinding away tree stumps, but this Arborwolf Pro 75ss Stump Grinder just freaking inhales them in any situation. Read More >>

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Mixing Liquids Under a Microscope Creates Wildly Colourful Worlds

Wenting Zhu mixed together paint, alcohol, water, fizzy drinks, and ink remover in weird combinations, stuck them under a microscope, and ended up with awesomely mesmerising effects. Read More >>

What’s Up with Characters Drinking Milk in Films?

It’s not a glass of whiskey, and it’s certainly not a martini that’s shaken, not stirred. But there is something surprisingly cinematic about a character drinking a glass of milk in films. Read More >>

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Watch a Wrench Get Forged into an Deadly Knife

I’m a total sucker for watching old tools get turned into badass blades, because seeing random objects get weaponised is such silly dangerous fun. That used to be a thing that tightened bolts! Now it’s a knife that’ll slice your eyes out. Plus, it looks cool as hell. This time, Miller Knives took a monkey wrench and forged it into a swashbuckling knife by the tried and true method of heating it up, bludgeoning it to hell, and sharpening it into a deadly curved knife. The wrench’s jaws act as the handle. Read More >>

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Watch the Lovely Process of Making Traditional Harris Tweed

Here’s a short documentary from Jack Flynn and Nick David about making Harris Tweed on the Island of Harris and Lewis in Scotland. Read More >>

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The Pitter-Patter of Rain Sure Looks Nice in This Video

I like rain. I mean, I don’t like it when I get dumped on with cloud piss to the point where my socks will never be dry again and my soul has darkened, but I like it when I’m inside and warm, when I can hear the pitter-patter and put it in the background — when I can see it and not feel it at all. This video of rain by Laviniu Lazar reminds me of that kind of rain. The calming, cleansing, great to sleep in rain. Read More >>