Avengers: Endgame’s Women Deserved More

Avengers: Endgame was a riot of flashy fights and fan service, with enough humour thrown in to sometimes feel like a great comedy. It was silly and nonsensical, but above all it was entertaining, and when it needed to hit the emotional, dramatic beats it usually nailed them. Yet there was a point in the film where I found myself distracted from the sheer inundation of fun – when it became clear that the many, many powerful heroines of the piece weren’t quite on par with the heroes. They were props, there to support the stories of the guys. Endgame did its women no favours and it’s time we talked about it. Read More >>

New Observations Reveal a Dramatic Web Structure Inside the Orion Nebula

Perhaps the most recognisable constellation in the night sky is Orion the hunter. Look closely at the three bright orbs lined up below his belt—his sword. The middle one isn’t a star, but an entire nebula, and parts of it have been invisible to researchers until recently. Read More >>

Watch This Star Tragically Die in a Fart Nebula

Perishing alone in space — in a gaseous cloud of stench — ranks pretty highly on the list of Terrible Ways to Die. Sadly, that was the fate of one unfortunate star trapped in the Calabash Nebula, nicknamed the “Rotten Egg Nebula” due to its high sulphur content. If you’ve ever smelled sulphur — or dog farts — you already understand the name. Read More >>

An Optical Illusion Fooled Astronomers Into Thinking There Was an Extra Nebula Here for Almost a Decade

How many nebulas do you think are in this photo? Careful, the answer is not quite what it seems. Read More >>

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Tour the Orion Nebula in This Gorgeous Image

The Orion Nebula has taught astronomers a great deal about how stars are born and how planetary systems form. Read More >>

Look at This Gorgeous Ghost of a Dying Star

This giant cosmic bubble may seem an unusual sight, but in fact it’s pretty common across the Universe—because its the remnants of a dying star, otherwise known as a planetary nebula. Read More >>

Artist Creates Amazing Artificial Glowing Nebulae Over City Skies

I love Janet Echelman's floating alien sculptures. I want them to be everywhere, like otherworldly guardians of the night. Urban skies—devoid of stars thanks to light pollution—are a lot more beautiful with these stunning nebulae in them. Read More >>

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The Butterfly Nebula Sure Looks Pretty

There's nothing gentle or delicate about this butterfly. Despite its pleasant appearance, the Butterfly Nebula has a dying star at its centre that has a temperature of 250,000 degrees C. Read More >>

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It Definitely Looks Beautiful Inside the Ring Nebula

The Ring Nebula is a common image in astronomy, but new images from Hubble reveal something rather strange inside the cloud of swirling gas. Read More >>

The Magnificent Eagle Nebula Like You Have Never Seen It Before

This new image of the Eagle Nebula—without a doubt one of the most amazing objects in space—is stunningly trippy. It combines the two opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum in one shot: Far-infrared and X-ray. Absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>

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Tarantula Nebula Is the Prettiest Radiation-Spewing Spider in the Heavens

The creation of stars is a violent process that produces intense heat and radiation. It also produces incredibly beautiful images. Read More >>

Galactic Pac-Man Chomps Dots Across the Night’s Sky

The universe is full of incredibly beautiful sights, but they're all designated with dull official codes like NGC 281. Thankfully some stargazers have a little imagination, and have nicknamed the nebula above after the original dot-chomper, Pac-Man. Can you see it? Read More >>

Bubble Nebula
Blowing Bubbles in Space

This stunning photo is of a giant gas bubble that's been blown by the Bubble nebula, NGC 7635. The bubble was created by the intense radiation and stellar winds coming off a nearby star -- not quite as serene as it looks. [Larry Van Vleet via] Read More >>