Neil Gaiman in the Shit for Impromptu Trip Across the World During a Pandemic

Neil Gaiman has apologised for disregarding travel advice and quarantine rules by hopping on a plane from New Zealand to the UK, stopping in the US on the way, and making his way to his home on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Read More >>

american gods
American Gods Has Lost Yet Another Key Character

What the hell is going on over at American Gods? Read More >>

american gods
Orlando Jones Has Reportedly Been Fired From American Gods

Orlando Jones gave one of the breakout performances in American Gods as Mr. Nancy, an African trickster god who sharply reflected and reacted to America’s history of slavery and racism. In the second season, his role on the show increased, as Jones took on production and writing tasks alongside his stunning performance. But now, according to Jones himself, he’s been fired from the show ahead of its third season. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman Shares Some Early Details on the Upcoming Sandman TV Series

With a long-awaited TV adaptation of Good Omens under his belt, Neil Gaiman is ready to start divulging information on his next big TV project, and the one in which he seems to be most intimately involved – Netflix’s adaptation of Sandman. Read More >>

American Gods Season 3 Has Added an Interesting Trio to Its Cast

American Gods might have ended on a rather sour note in its second season, but that isn’t stopping the show marching forward, as Shadow and Mr. Wednesday journey to the mysterious Wisconsin town of Lakeside where things aren’t nearly as idyllic as they seem. Read More >>

G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles Will Take the Reins of The Dreaming Next Year

As announced this weekend during New York Comic Con, G. Willow Wilson, the comics writer who first brought Kamala Khan to the page, will be taking up as the writer of The Dreaming, DC’s ongoing set in the Dreaming, the seat of power for Dream of the Endless. Joining her will be artist Nick Robles (Doctor Mirage). Read More >>

The Very Hollywood Reason You Might Not Know Neil Gaiman Wrote Princess Mononoke’s English Dub

Princess Mononoke is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s finest, but its epic tale of gods can only be matched in fantasy for the weird story behind its arrival on Western shores in 2000. One notable part of that often forgotten history? Neil Gaiman wrote the English script... although it was pretty hard to find his credit. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Is Becoming an Expensive Netflix Series

After years of struggling to escape the clutches of development hell, a live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman looks like it’s finally becoming a reality, thanks to a surprising (though not all that unexpected) partnership between Netflix and Warner Bros. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman Had to Fight to Keep One of Terry Pratchett’s Creations in Good Omens

Agnes Nutter is not really a huge part of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s divine apocalyptic adventure Good Omens – she’s more important to the backstory and worldbuilding of Crowley and Aziraphale’s journey to stop the apocalypse, rather than being a major player herself. But when the upcoming adaptation nearly cut the character, Gaiman had to step in. Read More >>

A Good Omens-Themed Prophetical Twitter Account May Have Heralded a Major Endgame Spoiler

What happens when the warnings of Agnes Nutter combine with modern popular culture? Well, it might be Avengers: Endgame spoilers, apparently. Read More >>

American Gods’ Bruce Langley Has Some Thoughts About the Technical Boy’s Inner Workings

Out of all the deities vying for cultural dominance on American Gods, the Technical Boy is perhaps the character who went through the most drastic reimagining in his translation from Neil Gaiman’s original novel to the small screen. He’s the embodiment of the very change that keeps the cutting edge sharp, but according to actor Bruce Langley, he’s more human than he lets on. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman and the Cast of American Gods Talk About Belief, Happy Endings, and Going to War

In the second season of Starz’ American Gods TV series, the motley deities and celestial beings dotting the landscape of the United States are getting ready for war. It’s a conflict that will change what we know about them and how Shadow and the show’s other characters perceive themselves. Read More >>

What It’s Like to Turn Good Omens Into a TV Show, According to Neil Gaiman, a Guy Who Would Know

Neil Gaiman is no stranger to having his fantastical literary works adapted to other media. Whether it’s Coraline, American Gods or Neverwhere, his writing has mutated into successful movies, TV shows and radio dramas. But when it came time to work on Good Omens – the upcoming Amazon series based on the 1990 novel he wrote with Terry Pratchett  – Gaiman says he’s being “much, much, much more protective”. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman Talks the Responsibility He Felt to Get a Good Omens Adaptation Off the Ground

Recently, at SXSW, Neil Gaiman and the cast of Good Omens showed off some footage from the upcoming series and discussed its origins and shape. And according to Neil Gaiman himself, there was more to getting this work adapted than just his desire to see it unfold on the screen. Read More >>

American Gods Season 2 Opens With a Question About Belief and Faith

When last we saw Mr Wednesday and his man Shadow in the finale of American Gods’ first season, the coming war between the deities of old and the new gods looking to usurp them became that much more real. For the first time, the gods decided to begin involving humans in their conflict in a much larger, more devastating way. Read More >>