Neil Young’s Painful Rebranding of His Music Service Won’t Save It

Niel Young’s “high resolution” music crusade is undergoing a change, an extreme change!!!!!!! The classic rocker turned tech entrepreneur has announced that Pono’s now defunct music store will become a high-quality streaming service. It’s kind of like Tidal but it’ll suck more. The fittingly out of touch new name for this service will be “Xstream.” Read More >>

Neil Young Says Vinyl’s Resurgence is a ‘Fashion Statement’

The modern youth's ironic fixation with vinyl is nothing but a short-lived audio trend, reckons Neil Young, the man behind already short-lived audio trend Pono Player (above). Read More >>

Don’t Buy What Neil Young is Selling

Today is the day Neil Young's "high resolution" PonoPlayer goes on sale in the US for $400 (£240 d/c, exact UK price and release to be confirmed). You shouldn't buy it. The recalcitrant rocker isn't wrong for wanting to reclaim audio quality in the digital age, but in the service of that goal he's peddling junk science, and supporting expensive gear and music files you don't need. Read More >>

Neil Young’s Pono Music Player is the Third-Most Successful Kickstarter Ever

The Kickstarter funding push for Neil Young's audiophile-pleasing Pono Music Player has closed, raising a significant $6.2 million (£3,692,013) from 18,220 backers. While we're not wholly convinced by the device, it seems there are enough music lovers out there who are, pushing the device to become the third-most backed Kickstarter project ever. [Musically] Read More >>

Neil Young Unveils His New Pono Music Player

Neil Young has been banging on for some time about his dreams for hi-res digital music. Now, appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, he's unveiled his new music player: Pono. Read More >>

steve jobs
Neil Young and Steve Jobs Were Working On a New Type of “High Resolution” iPod

Neil Young already thinks that piracy is the new radio, but he was apparently working on a new high-quality audio iPod-like device with Steve Jobs too. Read More >>

Neil Young: Piracy Is The New Radio

You can't beat an old rocker flying in the face of the man. Neil Young has decided to let everyone know what he thinks about piracy, and it turns out he's probably a fan of Megaupload. Read More >>