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Godwin of Godwin’s Law: “By All Means, Compare These Shitheads to The Nazis”

Any masochist who has spent an ounce of time taking part in the eye gouge that is “internet discourse” has heard one of its core tenets, Mike Godwin’s law. That law, as recounted in Wired, goes as follows: Read More >>

Cadillac Cancels Neo-Nazi Ad After Online Outrage

Do you love racism and think there’s a global Jewish conspiracy to control the world’s money supply? Then Cadillac might be the car brand for you. Or, at least, that was the basic pitch when Cadillac’s ad agency put out a casting call for people who identify as alt-right and neo-Nazi. Read More >>

Anonymous Apes WikiLeaks with “Nazi-Leaks” in Operation Blitzkrieg

Anonymous is still waging war on German neo-Nazis and has taken to a WikiLeaks-esque data release tactic to renew its assault. It's launched the familiarly named, which it's using to release customer data and contact details from a series of far-right newspapers; alleged donors to Germany's National Democratic Party, and neo-Nazi online stores. Read More >>

Anonymous Forces Resignation Of Finnish Neo-Nazi Parliamentary Aide

Chalk another one up to the Anonymous collective and their battle against discrimination, among other things. Anonymous Finland hacked a neo-Nazi site and leaked its membership database embarrassing a Finnish parliamentary aide. Read More >>