YouTube Bans Anti-Nazi Documentary From 1938 For Violating Hate Speech Policy

“Inside Nazi Germany” is one of the most important anti-Nazi documentaries in history. First released on January 20, 1938, the 15-minute movie became one of the first explicitly anti-Nazi newsreels to play in U.S. cinemas and provided an early glimpse into the Nazi atrocities that would only become fully known to Americans years later. The film, part of the legendary “March of Time” newsreel series, was even chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress in 1993 because it played such an important part in U.S. history. But YouTube recently deleted my upload of the video because the company says it’s in violation of their hate speech policy. Seriously. Read More >>

Founder of Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Ordered to Pay £11 Million to Target of Racist ‘Troll Storm’

Tanya Gersh has faced anti-Semitic harassment since late 2016—calls, tweets, emails, and texts demeaning her and saying she was going to die—upending the once-peaceful life she had in a quaint town in the US state of Montana. Read More >>

Judge Rules Discord Must Turn Over Account Data of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville Planning Server

A subpoena against chat service Discord could reveal the identities of many of the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other far-right organisers involved in the planning of the disastrous 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that resulted in widespread violence, rioting, the deaths of local woman Heather Heyer and two police officers, and scores of injuries. Read More >>

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Stormfront, the Internet’s Oldest Neo-Nazi Site, Follows the Daily Stormer Down to Hell 

The massive crackdown on the internet’s festering white supremacist contingent claimed another victory this weekend: Stormfront. Read More >>

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Daily Stormer Whack-A-Mole Begins Again: Neo-Nazi Site Resurfaces Then Moves Back to GoDaddy

Less than 24 hours after neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer returned to the web, its domain registrar, DreamHost, claimed Anonymous hit it with a DDoS attack that put its 400,000 websites offline. Then, after inciting an attack on DreamHost, Daily Stormer moved its domain registration back to GoDaddy, the registrar that first booted the site off ten days ago. Read More >>

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How to Tell If You’re a Neo-Nazi

Internet personalities Baked Alaska and Millennial Matt had a lot of fun at this past weekend’s white supremacist rallies. Well, until Baked Alaska was maced, I guess. They used tools like Twitter and YouTube to bringing their online followers into the heart of the racist action. But curiously, the two still insist that they’re not neo-Nazis. So what the hell is a neo-Nazi? Read More >>

US Neo-Nazis Are Big Fans of Nick Griffin

A new attack by the Anonymous crusaders has targeted neo-Nazi groups in the US, leaking their private emails online. It turns out one of the racist groups is in love with our wonky-faced racist leader Nick Griffin. Read More >>