Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite Looks Like a Masterpiece of Mindfuckery

The official trailer is here for Bong Joon-ho’s Palme d’Or winner, Parasite, and while it may not be as genre-leaning as many of his earlier films (The Host, Snowpiercer, Okja), it’s definitely pitch-black comedy with at least a small side of horror, so we can’t resist sharing it here. Read More >>

How Neon Became a Status Symbol and Lit Up Saudi Arabia’s Nights

"Neon is a sign of luxury and modernity here," explains photographer Céline Stella in the intro to her new book, NOUR, a collection of striking photos from the city of Jeddah that shows how humble tubed lighting has well and truly taken over the Saudi Arabian nights. Read More >>

Boxy Lamps Fake the Glow Of Neon Lights Without All That Buzzing

Inspired by the neon works of artists like Dan Flavin, London lighting design firm Minimalux has created a simple box-shaped lamp that creates the look of neon lighting – long thin slits of light – without that buzzing sound that's become the hallmark of red-light districts the world over. Read More >>

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Inside the Workshop of a Master Neon Signmaker

Neon is an totally modern phenomenon; it was discovered in 1898, at the cusp of the modern age. But paradoxically, working with neon still requires an extraordinary handicraft. A new video shows us the process of blowing and moulding a (badass) neon sign courtesy of Mike Heist, a Neon artist based in Portland. Read More >>

Recently Uncovered Neon Light Burned Uninterrupted For 77 Years

It's never a good feeling to come back from a trip and realise you left the bathroom light on. The owner of a building in Los Angeles was feeling that pain and then some when he found a neon light that had been left on since 1935. Read More >>

Ghostly Neon Skeleton Is a Macabre Addition To Your Man Cave

A glowing neon beer sign helps set a festive mood in your man cave. Unless you're going for more of a goth-like feeling of despair and hopelessness. In that case you'll totally want Eric Franklin's glowing skeleton sculpture hanging over your bar. Read More >>

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Does Anyone Else Think These Light-Up Surfboards Are an Awesomely Bad Idea?

Watching surfers with glow in the dark wetsuits surf on their light-up neon surfboards in the complete dark is a visual mind bender. It's also completely crazy 'cos uh... SHARKKKKSS? Could you paint a bigger target on yourself than BRIGHT LIGHTS ALL OVER YOUR BODY?! Read More >>