Seven Die in a Week as Mount Everest Is Hit With Record Number of Climbers

Seven people have died this week alone on Mount Everest as climbers face heavy traffic at the mountain’s dangerous summit. Read More >>

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Watch a Raging Flood Devour an Entire Suspension Bridge

Monsoon season has been hitting Nepal hard. Al Jazeera reports that 64 people have died in floods and landslides, with 20 more missing and thousands forced to abandon their homes. The flooding is so bad that it’s washing away entire bridges. Read More >>

Watch How One Man Took the Internet to 60,000 People in Rural Nepal

This is Mahabir Pun. Fed up with the fact that he had to hike for two days whenever he wanted to check his email, he decided to connect his home town of Nangi to the Internet. This video explains how he did it. Read More >>

Six Months After The Earthquake, Nepal is Open for Adventure

Nepal is home to the best climbing, trekking and mountaineering on earth. But, earlier this year, it also had a massive earthquake, an avalanche on Everest and is right now subject to a “blockade” by its neighbor India. Can you still visit? Surprisingly, now may be the best time ever. Read More >>

The Nepal Earthquake Shifted Mount Everest by an Inch

The recent Nepalese earthquake turned swathes of Kathmandu into rubble and killed 8,700. But it also had a large, if less perceptible, impact on one of Nepal’s largest assets: it shifted Mount Everest by three centimetres. Read More >>

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What it’s Like to be in Nepal After the Earthquake

Another massive earthquake hit Nepal today, this time the epicentre was near Mount Everest. It’s so sad because the people of Nepal are still recovering from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake just two weeks ago that had killed thousands and wrecked Nepal to an unimaginable degree. Samaritan’s Purse filmed this short to tell the stories of the survivors and shows ways in which we can help out. Read More >>

Drones Will Airdrop Relief Supplies to Combat Zones in Syria

Drones—like sharks and William Shatner—are often misunderstood by the public. Many associate the autonomous fliers with warfare and creepy government spies. But drones can be heroic, dropping life-saving supplies to civilians in combat zones. Read More >>

These High-Tech Archaeological Tools Will Help Rebuild Nepal’s History

As rescue efforts in Nepal begin to shift to recovery mode, relief workers in the earthquake-ravaged country are focusing on infrastructure—including the catastrophic loss of so many historic structures. And increasingly, they’re using emerging technology to do it. Read More >>

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Understanding the Nepal Earthquake and its Effects From Space

Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has killed more than 5,500 people and injured at least 11,000. Now, we’re seeing how the disaster appears from space, with both NASA and the European Space Agency releasing satellite imagery of the event. Read More >>

Two Ways You Can Join Nepal’s Earthquake Relief Effort From a Computer

There are a few important ways you can contribute to the Nepal earthquake relief effort from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Read More >>

Photos From the Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal

Tragedy struck the world when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal yesterday morning. Over a 1000 people have died in the disaster that turned buildings into rubble and leveled the city’s 200-foot tall Dharahara Tower to the ground. The quake was so strong it caused an avalanche on Mount Everest and was felt in India, Tibet, and Bangladesh. Read More >>