This Video Explores the Experimental History of Scifi Book Covers

Science fiction novels have been, through the modern history of the printed book, a space for innovation and creativity. Their cover art, in particular, was something special, and beautiful. Read More >>

Why Most Films Are Just Okay

Film quality falls along a bell curve: plenty of shitty Mall Cop and Saw films, far fewer stellar hits like Mad Max or Spotlight get easy Oscar praise. The overwhelming majority will just be standard, two-unremarkable-hours-of-easy-consumption fare. Why do so many movies fail to make an impact, either good or bad, on viewers? Read More >>

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What Makes Saving Private Ryan’s Beach Landing Scene So Brilliant

Some movie scenes are unforgettable, and Steven Spielberg’s reenactment of the Normandy Landing is one of them. Every shot feels chaotic, with indiscriminate bloodshed consistent with this brutal event. But as Nerdwriter1 explains in the video below, Spielberg’s filmmaking choices are anything but random. Read More >>

The Hidden Trick in Almost Every Classic Hitchcock Scene

Hitchcock is the unquestioned master of suspense. But what is it about his scenes that makes them so gripping, and why do they stand up to repeated viewings, even when you know the twist? Read More >>

Why Ren and Stimpy Was So Brilliant and Disgusting

Ren And Stimpy was a one-of-a-kind cartoon whose grotesque insanity made it a hit with kids and a source of outrage for parents. But as the Nerdwriter points out, that insanity was both incredibly calculated and a milestone in a legacy of edgy animation. Read More >>