Scientists Declare Nessie Was/Is Probably an Eel

Researchers who analysed DNA material floating about in Loch Ness did not find any long-lost dinosaur code in the water, but they did find evidence of some wiggling creatures that may well have been mistaken for the beast in the past: eels. Read More >>

The Natural History Museum Wanted Nessie Killed and Sent to London

A shock plan back in the 1930s saw the Natural History Museum issue an order to have Nessie killed and brought back to England, with one museum official asking bounty hunters to forget their moral values and shoot the monster on sight so its corpse could be displayed for the merriment of the London elite. Read More >>

American Children are Actually Taught Nessie Is Real

No, really. Children in some US schools are being taught that the Loch Ness monster is a living dinosaur, as evidence against evolution. What the hell? Read More >>