Nestle is Shaking Thing up With the Newly Announced Smarties Buttons

In a bid to give its chocolate rainbow morsels a facelift, Nestle is rolling out Smarties Buttons to keep things fresh for the 83-year-old classic. Read More >>

New Type of KitKat Alert

Here's a reason to leave the house and go on a fun little treasure hunt in a couple of weeks' time: Nestle's treating us to a new type of KitKat in early February. Read More >>

Nestle’s Seasonal Chocolates Now Includes Smarties Penguins

There are five of these bug-eyed characters to choose from, all made from milk chocolate and filled with Smarties. Read More >>

Nestle Has £7.50 Luxury Bespoke KitKats for Christmas

Nestle is about to launch as many as 1,500 new varieties of KitKat in the UK, but there's one enormous catch: they're hand-crafted luxury KitKats with salted caramel and all that bollocks on them, created to order here in the UK and starting at an RRP of £7.50. Read More >>

Limited Edition Orange After Eights are a Thing and They Really Shouldn’t Be

There are a few chocolates in a box of Roses or Quality Street that are always left unopened, until they're tossed into the bin. They're the fruit cremés, of course. So why would you buy a whole pack of the things? Read More >>

Nestle Puts Fruit Bits in a KitKat for the Health Bloggers

Nestle has done something that'll fool only the most fool-worthy of Instagram influencers; it has put small bits of fruit and nuts in a KitKat so it can pretend it's a healthy option you could entirely live on and turn out totally fine. Read More >>

Nestle Launches Plant-Based Vegan Lattes With a Timed-Exclusivity Deal at Tesco

The Nescafe Gold range has added three new latte coffees to the mix with almond, oat and coconut lattes. Read More >>

Nestle Continues to Distract People From What an Awful Company It Is With Its Awesome Burger

Nestle continues its global do-goodery with its latest veggie burger, which is seemingly a part of its re-brand from morally defunct corporation to "the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company." Read More >>

KitKat is Giving Away 50,000 ‘Joe the Mugs’ in its Latest Promotion

Fancy a mug with a smiley face on it? As part of KitKat's latest promotion, you can win one of 50,000 'Joe the Mugs'. The catch? They want you to eat a lot of KitKats 'til you find a winning code. Read More >>

Judge Gives Nestle the Finger in Failed Kit Kat Trademark Case

The ongoing four-fingered confectionary turf war between Cadbury and Nestle has taken another turn against the maker of the Kit Kat, with the latest court ruling saying that Nestle can't expect to be allowed to trademark the four-fingered shape of its famous bar in the UK. Read More >>

Blue Riband Does A Brexit After 81 Years

Beloved childhood chocolate bar Blue Riband is leaving these shores after more than 8 decades, and heading to Poland. Read More >>

Nestlé Is About To Ruin The Kit Kat

Small changes to childhood favourites can make a huge change to how they taste – we all remember #CremeEggGate – so a lot of people are going to be upset by the news that Nestlé's cutting sugar in Kit Kats and other beloved bars by 10%. Read More >>

Nestlé Will Foot the Bill if You Want to be a Degree-level Sweeties Maker

The UK division of Nestlé has launched a couple of degree-level qualifications in mixing sugar and fat together to make something nice, offering an honours degree in food and sweet making alongside a UK university to capture the next generation of food chemists before they pursue a career making meringues on reality TV. Read More >>

The Battle to Trademark the KitKat Shape

Cadbury and Nestle are currently engaged in a war of words and shapes in the EU courts, where Cadbury is fighting an attempt by Nestle to trademark the trapezoid chocolate finger shape of the KitKat bar. Read More >>

star wars
If You’re Going To Make a Crappy Star Wars Tie-in, At Least Do It Right

Nestle Japan will be releasing a limited edition Star Wars version of its Gold Blend coffee maker next week. But it has to be one of the laziest tie-ins ever to cash in on the Star Wars name. Available in two versions, it looks like Nestle's just slapped a sticker on the side of each one with a random quote and called it a day. Read More >>