ASUS is Resurrecting the Netbook With the EeeBook X205

And you thought the days of the netbook were done in the wake of the tablet takeover. Think again. Or, more pertinently, think again if you happen to work for ASUS. It's using IFA to launch the EeeBook X205, a netbook in all but name. It's to tablets what the vinyl revival is to digital downloads. Read More >>

Watch Out Chromebooks: Super Cheap Windows 8 Machines are Coming

Chromebooks are great if you want a super cheap computer, but they're not without their limitations; you (basically) have to run everything in a browser. And Microsoft is aiming to give them some competition with full Windows 8 machines around those same, dumb low price points. Read More >>

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HP Chromebook 11 Review: Cheap and Cheerful

Google's Chromebook line is often maligned as inexpensive but underpowered or, in the case of the Pixel, a really nice screen in front of limited functionality and an exorbitant price tag. But by pairing a solid build with a £230 price tag, HP seems to have finally found the right balance of affordability and performance in the new Chromebook 11. Read More >>

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Google Chromebook Pixel: Awesome, Just Not £1,049 Worth of Awesome

Google set out to build "the best laptop possible." The result: the Chromebook Pixel. A sleek and powerful device designed specifically for life in the cloud. If the display doesn't make your jaw drop, the price tag will. Read More >>

Asus and Acer: The Netbook Is Dead

Netbooks, those tiny, underpowered computers that were once held up as the saviour of the laptop market, have long since fallen from favour. When Dell announced it was ending production, the end was nigh—and now the last remaining manufacturers, Asus and Acer, have confirmed that the netbook is officially dead. Read More >>

When Dell Kills Off Netbooks, You Know They’re Done For Good

Netbooks? They're already dead to us. But that hasn't stopped manufacturers churning them out. Now Dell has announced that it's killing them off — a sure sign they're done. Read More >>

Samsung Might Be Discontinuing Netbooks Next Year

...But will anyone miss them? Thought so. According to an email supposedly sent by Samsung to trading partners, netbooks will be turfed out in favour of 11.6 and 12-inch ultraportables. Not to mention Intel's Ultrabooks, which are looking hot to trot from the likes of Asus, HP and Toshiba so far. [Blogeee via Engadget via TechRadar] Read More >>

Remember Netbooks? No One Else Does, Either

We'd already said that netbooks are dead, but it was maybe more accurate then to say that they were dying. Now, not only have netbook shipments precipitously declined, they're getting positively banged out by tablets. As they should. Read More >>

Google Gets Into Retail — Launches ‘Chrome Zone’ Shop in London

Blue t-shirts. Minimalist design ethic. Smiling staff. Lovely tables. The above familiar retail scene isn't the latest Apple store, it is in fact the very first "Chrome Zone" -- a Google shop dedicated solely to trying to sell the UK some Chromebooks. Read More >>