The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Is the Groundbreaking Fantasy Epic We’ve Been Waiting For

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance may be perfect nostalgia... because it never acts nostalgic. It’s a gripping fantasy that expands Jim Henson’s iconic world, challenging viewers of all ages with complex themes, horrifying imagery and an environmental message we may need now more than ever. Also, it’s a technological masterpiece. Read More >>

Hell Yeah, Netflix Rolls Out Feature for Finding New and Upcoming Releases in Its TV App

The tsunami of streaming services that have sprung up like weeds in the last few years means we have more options than ever for on-demand entertainment. But if you’re not the kind of user who is content with watching reruns or hastily released garbage, staying on top of what’s coming to your preferred streaming services of choice can be kind of a pain in the ass. This is especially true of Netflix, which is constantly releasing new content. Read More >>

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Netflix’s The I-Land Trailer Conjures Up the Scariest Thing of All… the Fyre Festival?

Netflix has released the first glimpse at The I-Land with a teaser clearly designed to rip on the announcement trailer for the failed Fyre Festival – even though the limited series doesn’t look to be about that at all. Either way, something tells me this island getaway has bigger problems than disaster relief tents and bologna sandwiches. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Another world, another time, in the age of wonder. The Dark Crystal finally returns with a prequel series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The Jim Henson Company has been cautious about expanding the lore of ‘80s classic The Dark Crystal, only authorising a couple of books, some graphic novels, and a cancelled manga. But those few pieces, along with the film, tell a deep and complex saga. Read More >>

The Age of Media Corporation Mega-Mergers is Robbing Us of Bolder, Fresher Storytelling

Disney isn’t just the first studio to have five pictures cross a billion dollars at the box office in a single year and it isn’t just the biggest film studio right now. It’s the biggest film studio in the history of Hollywood. While investors are likely very pleased with this fact, the company’s series of monster mergers has set off a chain effect with other studios doing their own monster mergers in an effort to keep up. Read More >>

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Report: Apple is Pouring £5 Billion Into Apple TV+, Including Nine Figures on The Morning Show

Apple’s budget for its forthcoming streaming service – previously reported to be around $1 billion (£827m), give or take – has exploded to $6 billion (£4.96bn), according to a Monday report in the Financial Times. Read More >>

Little Known She-Ra Spinoff He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Is Being Rebooted by Netflix

Just so we’re all on the same page regarding the important information, there are currently no plans for Netflix’s excellent She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to somehow incorporate He-Man’s prince Adam into its story. But that’s not to say that He-Man’s not about to come back in a big way. Read More >>

Haunting of Hill House Will Get Extended Director’s Cuts on Blu-Ray

Netflix shows don’t always get physical releases, and when they do, they rarely get longer. Haunting of Hill House will change that. Read More >>

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The New Dark Crystal Trailer Is Somehow Even More Gorgeous Than the Last

But even though darkness looms over Thra’s beautiful environs, a resistance rises. Read More >>

Wu Assassins Certainly Feels Like What Iron Fist Could Have Been

A quick glance and you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the new Netflix Original, Wu Assassins, and old Netflix Original, Iron Fist. Both are goofy shows about chosen ones out to stop bad guys with their fists. Both are about men facing a turning point in their personal lives. Both are set in coastal American cities. Both include a brother/sister duo who love the protagonist but might be toxic for them. Both feature Lewis Tan being very charming. But in Wu Assassins, everyone can actually fight. Read More >>

One Showrunner Actually Figured Out How to Hack Netflix’s Algorithm

When you log into Netflix one of the first things you see is a list of recommended shows. Sometimes its new episodes of shows you’ve liked and rated well. Often, it’s a whole myriad of shows you’ve never heard of or are only tangentially aware of. And if you’re like me one of those shows that Netflix repeatedly suggests you watch is Anders Tangen’s Norsemen, a silly little sitcom revolving around ancient Vikings with seemingly modern problems. There’s a reason Netflix suggests Norsemen even when there’s a new season of Derry Girls or She-Ra you’d like to be watching. Tangen figured out how to take advantage of Netflix’s recommendation algorithm. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Sign Massive Overall Deal With Netflix

They helped create one of the most popular pieces of pop culture this century, and now they’re being rewarded with a nine-figure deal to produce even more projects for the best-known streaming service in the world. Read More >>

One of Stranger Things’ Best Ideas Came Late in the Game

There were a lot of new team-ups in the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, but the coolest one (literally) had to be between Steve (Joe Keery) and his badass Russian-translating coworker Robin (Maya Hawke). Their relationship seemed to be going in a certain direction as Steve developed feelings for his new best friend, only for it to evolve into something else. It turns out, that evolution is largely thanks to the actors themselves. Read More >>

Netflix Cancels The OA After 2 Seasons

All of the dangling mysteries on Netflix’s The OA will, unfortunately, remain that way. Netflix has cancelled the show after two seasons. Read More >>

Netflix Is Testing ‘Physical Activity’ Tracking for Some Reason

Netflix collects a lot of data about you. But now, some Android users are finding that it’s also tracking ‘physical activity’ data via their phones. Read More >>