A Vengeful Daredevil Returns for Season 3 This October

Matty’s back. And more beat up than ever before, which is saying something given that The Defenders literally dropped an entire building on him. Read More >>

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Legion’s Dan Stevens Faces a Nightmarish Cult in the First Apostle Trailer

What do you do when not facing mutant marvels and battling in wild mental planescapes in Legion? If you’re Dan Stevens, you apparently spend your time investigating old-timey cults that are proooooobably up to no good. Read More >>

Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Being Reborn as a Live-Action Netflix Series

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, from Avatar: The Last Airbender head writer Aaron Ehasz, the studio has just stealthily announced that Avatar is coming back in an all-new, live-action series. Read More >>

Netflix is Finally Coming to Sky Q As Part of ‘Ultimate On Demand’

We originally reported that a partnership between Netflix and Sky was on the way back in March, but nothing has really happened since then. The launch is finally just around the corner though – Sky Q customers will soon be able to subscribe to an 'Ultimate On Demand' service, which features Sky's existing catch-up and box set services alongside Netflix, in one seamless package. Read More >>

Get to Know the Coven in These New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Photos

Hail Satan! As the temperatures start to drop and autumn slowly creeps back into our lives, we inch ever-closer to the haunting debut of Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. With a little over a month to go before the teenage witch returns, here are some new looks at Sabrina’s circle of family, friends, and devilish cohorts. Hint: Michelle Gomez makes pure evil look good. Read More >>

Streaming Giants Need the Same Regulation as us, Says BBC Boss

BBC director general Tony Hall has come up with an idea that's fairly impossible to introduce, but still. He'd like to see the massive global media streaming services subjected to the same regulatory regimes as the BBC and the other UK public service broadcasters face, lest original UK content fade from our screens over the coming years. Read More >>

IMAX Says it Has Talked With Every Major Subscription Service About Theatrical Releases

Every major streaming video service has approached the IMAX theatre chain about the possibility of theatrical releases, Imax CEO Richard Gelfond told investors at a conference this weekend. Read More >>

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Rick And Morty Makes a Beautiful And Strange Anime in This Fan Video

Rick and Morty is a genre-hopping, reality-hopping sort of show. So the science-loving weirdo duo becoming an anime isn’t all that surprising. In fact, there are hints that it might actually happen on the real show. But I’m still amazed that it looks this good. Read More >>

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Have a Cosmic Connection In a New Look at Netflix’s Maniac

We’re just about a week out from the release of Netflix’s highly-anticipated sci-fi miniseries Maniac and the latest trailer highlights the incredible variety the show is going to have. Read More >>

The First Trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Legitimately Creepy

Welcome to the coven, my sistren and brethren. Let us light our candles, pray to the Dark Lord, and find a creepy wooded glen to sign a harmless blood pact with the forces of evil. Because the first devilishly charming trailer for Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is here, and it’s going to make a sacrifice out of the October 26 weekend. Hail Satan! Read More >>

The First Trailer for Netflix’s Hilda Is Full of Lighthearted Magic and Wonder

What’s a young girl with a love of the forest and all its many magical creatures and mysteries to do when she’s suddenly uprooted for a move to a nearby city? For Hilda, the titular heroine of Netflix’s upcoming series based on Luke Pearson’s series of graphic novels, the answer is simple. Read More >>

Iron Fist Season 2 Introduces a Cavalcade of New Characters From Marvel’s Comics

The way Netflix’s Marvel shows gradually introduce certain B and C-level supporting characters from the comic books into their universes has always been one of the most interesting things about them. Iron Fist’s second season continues in this tradition, but the specific characters introduced here could portend major things on the horizon for Marvel’s street-level heroes. Read More >>

A Rumoured Casting Call Has Some Members of the Witcher Fandom Freaking Out

A casting call has popped up in the United Kingdom for Ciri, the young ward of Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, and the details of the call have garnered a huge controversy in the fandom. Read More >>

Netflix’s New Hire Wants to Help Sell You T-Shirts and Other Streaming-Themed Tat

The real money isn't in filmmaking, or TV, it's in merchandising. Just ask George Lucas, who got rich off flogging Star Wars toys, or Disney who made $53 billion in retail sales last year alone. So it's no surprise that new kid on the block Netflix wants a slice of that cash. After all, there's only so much money that can be made from £10-a-month streaming subscriptions that everybody shares with multiple friends. The company's latest hire is one step towards making that happen. Read More >>

Henry Cavill Will Lead Netflix’s Witcher Series as Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher has found its, err, Witcher—in none other than DC’s Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill. Read More >>