The Godzilla Anime Movie Sounds Like a Totally Wild Scifi Epic

The first animated entry into the Japanese Godzilla canon is going buck wild, it seems. We already had hints that it wasn’t just going to be your standard kaiju movie thanks to the out-of-this-world concept art, but a newly revealed synopsis teases just how out there the movie is going to get. Read More >>

Your Favourite Netflix Shows Might Start Looking Different on Your Phone

How do you watch Netflix? If you live here, you probably primarily watch your favourite shows or movies on your TV—or at the very least a laptop—but thanks to features like offline viewing and more generous mobile data plans, mobile usage has increased. This is especially true in markets such as India, South Korea, and Japan. The challenge, however, is that nearly every TV show or movie you watch on Netflix was designed to be viewed on a larger screen. Read More >>

Netflix to Finish Orson Welles’ Final Film For Him

The last film to be directed by Orson Welles might soon be finished, with Netflix stepping in to provide the money and legal help needed to get it out of the vaults, taped together and digitised for the kids to half-watch in a tab and declare rubbish after only ten minutes. Read More >>

The Iron Fist TV Series Is Marvel and Netflix’s First Big Failure

There’s a critical concept with the Marvel Netflix shows often referred to as “the wall”—the moment where, about two-thirds of the way through their season, they slam the brakes on the pacing and stakes and preamble for a bit, mostly before pulling it together in the finale. Iron Fist starts by hitting that wall, and has enough problems that I don’t think it’ll ever get past it. Read More >>

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Netflix’s New Series Dark Looks Like the Scarier German Version of Stranger Things

“A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers. Their search for a culprit unearths a small town’s sins and secrets.” No, it’s not the description of Stranger Things. It’s actually the plot of a new Netflix original series called Dark and while the two sound very similar, but that’s where the similarities end. Read More >>

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This Iron Fist Featurette Explains a Lot More About the Show Than the Trailers Did

In addition to including some new footage—not nearly enough of it being dedicated to Colleen Wing kicking ass, sadly—this new Iron Fist featurette lets Finn Jones set up the world of Netflix’s latest Marvel show. Unsurprisingly, the world of a Living Weapon involves quite a bit of punching. Read More >>

You Can Now Preorder The New Alexa-Powered Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon announced today that the Fire TV Stick - it's fastest selling device ever in the UK - has been given an overhaul and now finally includes Amazon's much-loved voice assistant, Alexa. Read More >>

The Creators of Stranger Things Promise the Show Will End on Their Terms

The problem with any mystery-based show is the risk of getting to the end and things don’t come together. As Stranger Things season two continues production, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, are already taking steps to make sure their show doesn’t suffer the same fate. Read More >>

Netflix Show “My Sex Robot” Shows That We Have A Long Way To Go

Why is it that so many sex robots look like a horrific combination of resuscitation dolls and nightmarish puppets? Surely the main thing with a robot you're going to put a part of your anatomy into is that it doesn't look like it might kill you in your sleep. Read More >>

The First Plot Details for Stranger Things Season Two Have Everyone Damaged in Some Way

We now know what the state of Stranger Things will be when it comes back later this year. We know how long the time jump between seasons will be, what new characters are getting added, and the boys’ Halloween costumes. We know a lot, except for what’s going on with Eleven. Read More >>

Netflix Has Announced a Castlevania TV Show for 2017

There aren’t any details about it but, at some point this year, we’ll get the chance to watch somebody from Castlevania’s Belmont family fighting bloodsuckers. Read More >>

Danny Rand Discovers He Can’t Go Home Again in a Giant New Iron Fist Trailer

In this new, extended trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist TV series, Harold Meachum (David Wenham) asks, “Why did he wait this long to show up? Where the hell did he learn martial arts?” These are very valid questions. Read More >>

Let’s Read Way Too Much Into the First Stranger Things Season Two Footage

While most people woke up dreaming of another 12 months free from NFL tomfoolery, we woke up pondering what the heck we saw in the first footage from Stranger Things’ second season. Read More >>

A Way to Search for Film Recommendations Without the Trolls Ruining Everything

The promise of crowd-sourcing film opinions from the public carried a lot of potential and has resulted in a lot of data about movies for companies like Netflix and IMDb. But as time goes on, informed critical analysis is looking more valuable every day. Cinetrii can help you connect films for recommendations based on mentions of related works in reviews by professional critics. Read More >>