CES 2020: You Could Replace All Your Home’s Wifi Hardware With This Tiny 5G Router

Mobile hotspots are a crucial tool for travellers needing to keep all their gear connected. But with the advent of 5G, Netgear’s new Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router could replace all of your home’s wifi equipment with a pocket-friendly hotspot that will provide fast wifi even when you take it on the road. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Netgear’s Next Orbi Mesh System Will Support WiFi 6

We've been hearing about WiFi 6 for a little while now, being told that it's the next generation of WiFi designed to support the increasing demands of having all the connected devices in our homes. You might not have upgraded yet, but Netgear is hoping that you'll pick its upgraded Orbi mesh system when you do. Read More >>

I Live in the Woods, and Netgear’s Orbi Outdoor Satellite Sounds Like a Dream 

As far as I can tell, the only downside to living in the woods, besides the wild animals that are plotting to kill you at any moment, is the claustrophobic range of my home wi-fi router. But Netgear claims to have just the device to bring sweet, sweet internet into the great outdoors. Read More >>

Netgear’s Arlo Pro Is Now A Two-Way Camera, Speaker And Siren

Netgear's Arlo is one of our Australian cousins' favourite security cameras for two reasons — it's entirely wireless, and entirely rain-proof. Now there's an upgraded version called the Arlo Pro, with two-way audio and a wider field of view, as well as all the original's weatherproofing and HD video recording. Read More >>

Many Netgear Routers Added to List of Hacked Hardware

A selection of routers offered by thing-connecting specialist Netgear have been added to a danger list, a list so full of potential dangers that owners are being warned to turn them off -- lest hackers gain access to them and do bad things no one really understands, probably to do with porn adverts. Read More >>

Netgear’s New Mesh Router Promises Blistering Speeds

Routers are going through a design renaissance of sorts, and Netgear is a microcosm of that change. Take, for instance, the company’s popular Nighthawk router—black, angular, full of antennas. It’s everything the Netgear’s newest router isn’t. Called Orbi, this router embraces the well-design future of your home’s internet brain, explored the last few years by Google’s OnHub and smaller startups like Eero and Luma. Read More >>

These Three Companies Want to Revolutionise the Most Important Gadget in Your Home

Within the last two years, routers have gone from ugly boxes tucked away in shame to well-designed products, complete with a variety of new technologies and user-friendly interfaces. Led by ambitious Kickstarter projects like Eero, Luma, and Starry, routers are having a gadget moment—and that could finally help people realise how important the little box really is. Read More >>

Amazon Now Sells its Very Own ARM Chips

If you thought Amazon’s own-branded products were a little strange — baby wipes, anyone? — then things just got a little more serious. The retailer has just announced that it’s starting to sell its own ARM-based silicon chips. Read More >>

BitTorrent Sync Now Works With Network Storage

BitTorrent Sync is explicitly designed for people who need to move huge amounts of data back and forth between different devices. Now the service is getting support for the network attached storage these types are likely to use. Read More >>

The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Ever Wanted

Wi-Fi sucks. Well, it sucks if your router is lurking in a subterranean realm of your flat and your gaming rig is located aboveground with an iron staircase in between the two and you don't want to run 100 metres of cable or wire the apartment with ethernet because you don't own the building. Read More >>