The First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Looks Like It Broke Off an Alien Mothership

The plan to 3D-print a bridge in mid-air was always bonkers. How could a technology best known for creating flimsy prototypes and personalised action figures be used for permanent construction projects? Well, the team at MX3D in Amsterdam just answered all of the hard questions and revealed it: the world’s first 3D-printed bridge. It’s made of a completely new type of steel, spans 40 feet, and will be installed early next year in De Wallen, the largest and best-known red-light district in Amsterdam. It also looks utterly otherworldly. Read More >>

It’s Fatally Windy in Europe Right Now

A brutal storm crashed into the Dutch coast on Thursday causing gusts of wind up to 90 miles per hour. This might not have been so destructive in a place with some relief, like mountains and hills, but the Netherlands is famously flat. That led to many bad things happening to buildings and people. Read More >>

The World’s First Solar Road is a Bike Path in the Netherlands

There are only so many roofs in the world, so the Dutch are getting creative about where to put their solar panels. SolaRoad is exactly what it sounds like: solar panels that moonlight as road surfaces and electricity generators. And this being the Netherlands, they of course made a solar road for bikes. Read More >>

Dutch Football Team Offered Trip to Space as World Cup Win Prize

As well as riches, loads of free stuff from Adidas and Nike, and the chance to have the World Cup Trophy on their mantelpiece for a week each, the Dutch football team has been offered one enormous extra prize should they win the World Cup -- a trip to space. Read More >>

Turns Out Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Aren’t Working as Planned

Remember those glow-in-the-dark roads we talked about a couple of weeks ago? Well it turns out they didn't work out so well, with a less than satisfying performance during the first public trial. Read More >>

Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Finally Exist Outside of Hot Wheels

The concept of glow-in-the-dark roads is an incredibly simple piece of safety infrastructure that feels like it should have been implemented years ago. Finally, it has been—on the roads of the Netherlands Read More >>

A Floating Suspension Bridge That Lets Cyclists Sail Over Car Traffic

Oh, to be a cyclist in the Netherlands. This steel tensioned deck lets cyclists ride high above a busy multi-lane motorway in Eindhoven—one of the most bike-friendly areas in the world. Read More >>

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These Gargantuan Gates Keep Europe’s Largest Port from Drowning

Spanning more than 25 miles of shoreline and covering 41 square miles, the Port of Rotterdam is largest shipping berth in all of Europe, the fifth-busiest in the world, and a major interchange for the region's energy supplies. But keeping the North Sea's fury in check is no easy feat. So to keep the port open for business, the Netherlands has installed two monumentally mammoth surge barriers. Huge doesn't even begin to cover it. Read More >>

Mars One needs you
Mars Colonists Wanted — Apply Here

Want to be a space pioneer? Not much tying you to planet Earth? Apply today and blast off for Mars! Yes, you really could be one of the first humans to set foot on the Red Planet, as Mars One is genuinely looking for new astronauts, and anyone anywhere can apply. Where do I sign up? Read More >>

65-Foot-High Lego Church Is Really a Party Cathedral

Rejoice! For the Church of the Holy Brick is here. Called Abondantus Gigantus, it was built in 2011 around a 65-foot (20-meter) spire for the Grenswerk Festival, in the town of Enschede, Netherlands. Read More >>

The Netherlands Looks to Take the Lead in Rational Copyright Legislation

Copyright laws are designed to protect the "fair use" of copyrighted content such as mash-ups and remixes — or they were, at least, until the advent of the dreaded DMCA Takedown Notice. The Dutch government has taken notes on the IP failures of the US and is reportedly looking to explicitly protect such DMCA fodder, much to the chagrin of the European Union. Read More >>

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These Incredible Collages Are Like Standing on Top of the World

It's hard not to get a slight sense of vertigo from these stereographic projections by Dutch photographer Wouter van Buuren. Each one was taken from a very high point across the Netherlands, China, and New York City. Read More >>

Dutch Anti-Piracy Group Caught in Copyright Scandal

A Hollywood-funded anti-piracy group called BREIN has gone and messed up right-royally. It's managed to pinch a music track that a Dutch musician wrote specifically for a local film festival and has used it in tens of millions of Dutch DVDs, totalling to a sum of at least €1 million, about £860,000, in lost revenue. Read More >>

Fertility Chip Could Herald New Era of Hands-On Home Testing for Sperm Effectiveness

Gentlemen, are you shooting blanks or are you ready to continue your family line another generation? Before, answering that question required a trip to the doctors. Today, a Dutch researcher says the test could eventually be, ahem, in your hands. Read More >>