It’ll Be Free To Wee At These London Stations From April

Following the announcement that wees will be free at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds stations, Network Rail has a message for the capital: "Londoners, urine." Read More >>

Waterloo Station Has Hired A Hawk

Non-fare-paying pigeons have been causing a nuisance at London Waterloo station, leading Network Rail to hire a Harris hawk to scare them off. Read More >>

Fancy New Electro-Diesel Trains Aren’t Compatible With Old Tracks

A new fleet of trains due to be rolled out at the end of this year on the East Coast mainline is being held back due to out of date equipment on the tracks. Azuma trains, operated by LNER, use both electric and diesel to reach higher speeds more efficiently than older trains. But old signals and points in certain parts of the country aren't compatible with the trains' electric technology, meaning that they're limited to using only diesel, and therefore much more slowly than they're designed to be run. Read More >>

Rail Execs Weighing up Tighter Rules to Reduce Train Delays

In a bid to restore our confidence in the rail network, the Rail Delivery Group is weighing up stricter rules for late train services. The organisation plans to introduce a fine for trains that arrive as little as one minute late, which should help improve performance across the network. Read More >>

Network Rail Train Strike Will Lead to Bank Holiday Travel Woes

If you were planning on going away during the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, you'd better make sure there's petrol in the car tank or you have a book to read on the MegaBus. Network Rail workers have announced plans to stage a 24 hour walkout on Bank Holiday Monday, causing major disruption to those travelling around the country. Read More >>

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This “Flying Banana” Keeps Britain’s Trains from Running off the Rails

Our rail system in the UK includes more than 10,000 miles of track that, until relatively recently, had to be inspected at a walking pace. This laser-blasting, track-inspecting locomotive, however, does so faster than a speeding bullet (train). Read More >>

Network Rail Pumping £38bn into Normal-Speed Train Line Revamp

The existing regular-speed rail network is set for a large overhaul, thanks to Network Rail committing a huge £38bn on refreshing stations, track upgrades, more electrification and even the reopening of some stretches of line that were axed during the rail apocalypse of the 1960s. Read More >>

Why Trying to Cross Train Tracks Is Sheer Suicide

Apparently around 50 people are squished on our railways every year while they try to cross or hang around on the metal roads. Network Rail's tried and failed in the past to educate people, but this time it's trying the shock and awe tactic, recruiting our 400m Olympic hurdler to do it too. Read More >>

Train Spot Using “Open Data” With Open Train Times

Open Train Times is a newly launched rail timetable and monitoring site, which will soon allow users to search for and track individual trains in real-time. Read More >>