The Wi-Fi Alliance Wants to Make Building a Mesh Network Simpler Than Ever

Earlier this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced what everyone’s been waiting for since the world fell in love with mesh networking devices: Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh, a shared standard for extending wifi coverage with multiple routers. Should manufacturers adopt the standard, soon you’ll be able to grab any router supporting EasyMesh and have it expand your network coverage pretty seamlessly. Read More >>

How to Use Your Smartphone to Diagnose Bad Wi-Fi

Bad wi-fi got you down? You’ve got a host of hardware options that can help you out, from mesh routers to Wi-Fi repeaters, but before you upgrade any setup, do some detective work—with some carefully chosen apps you can work out where your wi-fi network is failing and come up with better possible solutions. Read More >>

Switching From BT HomeHub to Google Wifi: Is It Worth The Hassle?

A couple of months ago, a big package arrived at the Giz UK office. It was from Google. The company had sent me their new wifi router to try, which is simply called “Google Wifi”. So I took it home with the best of intentions: tonight, I’d plug ‘em in and test ‘em out. Read More >>

Netgear Stuffed a Plex Server Into its Latest Nighthawk Router

With all the different gadgets that rely on Wi-Fi, it's important to have a router that can handle them. Netgear's latest Nighthawk X10 is the latest to deal with that problem, but that hasn't stopped Netgear adding a little bonus. Read More >>

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How to Play Local Files With Just a Streaming Stick

The Chromecast, Roku and Fire TV sticks often hailed for their web streaming capabilities, letting you Netflix binge on the cheap. You can, however, easily stream local files from your computer to these HDMI-enabled dongles as well with the right apps installed—here’s how to get everything set up. Read More >>

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How to Lock Down Your Internet-Enabled Houseful of Gadgets

Our houses are quickly filling with an internet of things—smart TVs, DVRs, thermostats, and more all online, all the time. But to a hacker, each of these devices is a digital door or window into your home (network). Here's what you need to do to keep your devices locked against outside intrusions. Read More >>

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How to Print From Anywhere

Where once we'd churn out driving directions, cinema tickets, or school reports, these documents almost always now stay in the digital domain. But for those occasions that you do need to print something, here's how to make sure you can do it from anywhere, without a single cord. Read More >>

Heartbleed Affects Routers, Too

Some more heartache from Heartbleed: it affects routers, too. Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks have announced that the security hole that is Heartbleed has been found in their networking equipment. Read More >>

Powerline Networking Is Your Ethernet-Through-Your-Plug Deal of the Day

Those power outlets in our homes -- they're not just for sucking electricity out of, or accidentally weeing against when you come home drunk. Oh no, there's now a third use -- internet enhancer! Read More >>

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VPNs: What They Do, How They Work, and Why You’re Dumb for Not Using One

For as ubiquitous as connectivity has become and how reliant we've grown on it, the Internet is still a digital jungle where hackers easily steal sensitive information from the ill-equipped and where the iron-fisted tactics of totalitarian regimes bent on controlling what their subjects can access are common. So instead of mucking around in public networks, just avoid them. Use a VPN instead. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest Fibre LAN Lives at a Nuclear Weapons Research Lab

Sandia National Laboratories is the USA's premiere nuclear weapons research facility, and for more than 60 years, its researchers have poked and prodded the interiors of atoms to suss out their secrets—a task that has produced mountains of data that the facility's copper network struggles to contain. But now, even the most remote building's on Sandia's campuses have access to the biggest bandwidth modern technology can muster. Read More >>

A Powerline Networking Kit Is Your Path-to-Crystal-Clear-Streaming Deal of the Day

Wi-Fi isn't as great as it's cracked up to be sometimes, and there's often some annoying interferences that can get in the way of your lovely invisible internet signal. Like the microwave or a giant concrete statue in your hallway. Read More >>

Google+ Wants You to Fill It With Updates From Other Sites

Venture Beat is reporting that there's an extra Google+ feature that wasn't announced at yesterday's I/O, which sucks content from other sites for you. Sounds like it might be only way you'll ever post anything to your profile. Read More >>

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Apple AirPort Express (2012) Lightning Review: Probably the Best Router Ever

It's hard to have significant feelings about a router — it's supposed to just work and shut up, or not. But no router has ever just worked and shut up like Apple's newest AirPort — a white inch closer to networking perfection. Read More >>

Friendshake Is Facebook’s New Way to “Friend” the People Around You

A new Facebook feature has been made publicly available with not so much as an announcement. Friendshake uses your phone's GPS to find the people around you on Facebook and easily add them as "Friends." It's half cool, half freaky. Read More >>