Three PAYG Customers Now Get Loyalty Rewards

Why should the contract customers get all the goodies? That's something people on Pay As You Go have always wondered, and finally it seems there's some justice -- at least for customers of the Three network. Read More >>

BBC Wires up Scottish Island for 5G Radio Broadcasts

Lucky BBC technicians and staff from wireless ISP CloudNet have been handed the job of installing 5G test transmitters on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where a system that broadcasts radio over the high speed mobile data network of the future is to be trialled. Read More >>

The Galaxy S10 5G Will be Launch With EE and Vodafone

Samsung has just announced a number of partners working with it on 5G, and the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. While we don't know exactly when the phone will arrive (early summer, is what we've been told), but Samsung confirms it will work with EE and Vodafone's 5G networks. Read More >>

We’d Boycott 5G if We Knew What’s Good for Us

It seems like only yesterday I was annoyed about being stuck on a 2G connection while the rest of the country appeared to be upgrading to 4G. Now it's happening again, only it's 5G the mobile executives are taking about preparing now. And I'm still on the same 2G connection. Read More >>

You Can Get a Free PlayStation Classic With a £12 a Month EE SIM Only Plan

It is fair to say that the PlayStation Classic didn't quite live up to Sony's expectations. While Nintendo had no chance of keeping up with demand for the NES Classic, the PlayStation equivalent has failed to get people scrambling to get their hands on one. The good news for you is that means you can get your hands on it without paying the £90 RRP, and the latest stock-shifting offer bundles one of the mini consoles with a bunch of SIM only plans from EE and Vodafone. Read More >>

O2 Told to Stop Pre-Filtering and Downscaling Video and Images

Mobile provider O2 has been naughty-stepped by communications regulator Ofcom, which found that the network has been routinely downscaling image and video quality before forwarding it on to meet user requests, going against the provisions of the net neutrality concept. Read More >>

Three’s Launching an Unlimited Mobile Broadband Package

A little while back Three announced that it was launching a new mobile broadband service, letting people get web access to all their devices without a cable running into their house. The problem was, like most mobile broadband services, Three had strict data limits. Which sucks, because landline broadband is all unlimited these days. But not anymore. Read More >>

Three’s £20 Unlimited Everything SIM-Only Deal is Back

Last year during all the Black Friday hubbub, Three announced it was discounting its most desirable SIM only plan - much to our delight. The deal was that you could get unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering for just £20 a month, and now Three has brought it back for an unspecified amount of time. Read More >>

Plummet in Landline Use Triggers Debate on Phone Numbers

Ofcom has revealed that the nation's use of landlines to talk to other people has metaphorically fallen off a cliff, with the amount of time we spend on landlines falling by half in the last six years. Because of, like Black Mirror says, all the mobile phones, and the fact your dad can get webcam sex on his iPad now so has no need to call the chatlines. Read More >>

Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa’s Sleigh for the UK’s First 4G Drone Delivery

For all the talk there's been about using drones to deliver things to people, there's been a distinct lack of progress making it happen. In fact the UK has only just managed to complete a single drone delivery using 4G, which shows how far things are from Jeff Bezos's dream of flying courier-free Amazon fulfilment. But even baby steps are progress, right? Read More >>

O2 Says its Data Network is Working Again and it May Bung Users Some Free Data as an Apology

O2 has said that its UK 4G network is up and running again after yesterday's universal collapse, so our little glimpse into the horrifying blackouts of the future and the crash of all mobile services is over. No one died, did they? We can find where to go without Google Maps, can't we? Read More >>

BT Pulls Huawei Kit From EE’s 4G Network

BT is quietly shaming Huawei in a major way, by spending vast sums on refitting the entire EE 4G network to lessen its reliance on hardware provided by the upcoming Chinese mobile specialist. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Now Giving You Until 3rd December to Enjoy its Black Friday Offers, Including £20 Unlimited Data and Tethering

The other day Three announced a few of its Black Friday offers, which were set to go live tomorrow. Unlike some people Three decided it was best to leave the Black Friday deals until Black Friday, and not turn it into a weeks-long extravaganza of price slashing. Well now it's decided the 'one day only' thing isn't really working out, and will be extending all its deals until Monday 3rd December. Read More >>

Faroe Islands Pities Our Mobile Networks and Offers to Help With 5G

Niche island mobile provider Faroese Telecom clearly knows how to get telephones working in the middle of the sea, hence it's offering to establish a 5G network up in Orkney and Shetland for the benefit of locals. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Black Friday Deals Include Unlimited Data and Tethering for Just £20 a Month

If you want a contract with unlimited data then you don't have a lot of options. Your only choices are Three or Virgin, and normally the price difference is only £2 if you're signing on for a 12 month contract. Well Three would like to make your decision easier on Black Friday, and has knocked money off its standard 12-month unlimited data plan. Instead of costing £27 a month you'll be able to get it for £20. Read More >>