Vodafone’s 5G Deals are Available Right Now

Earlier this week EE announced its would be launching 5G on 30th May, alongside news that it would be carrying four 5G-ready phones and two router devices. Today Vodafone has followed suit and revealed which devices will be available when its services launch on 3rd July. There's the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, and Vodafone's own 5G Gigacube router. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Arrives on 30th May With EE

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is coming to EE. We've known that since February, and got a nice little reminder about it at the OnePlus 7 launch last week. What we didn't know was when the phone was coming, because EE's 5G network wasn't ready. Well we have some news. With the announcement that EE's 5G network will be going live on 30th May, the network has also announced the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G will arrive at the same time. Read More >>

Buying a OnePlus 7 Pro? Here are All the Best UK Deals (Updated)

Today is the day that the OnePlus 7 Pro arrives into the world, assuming you weren't one of the many people who queued up outside the London pop-up last Friday. Obviously if you're planning on picking one up (and why wouldn't you?), and not waiting for the significantly cheaper OnePlus 7, then you're going to want to shop around for the best deals. Fortunately we did most of the hard work for you, looking at all the retailers and networks and seeing what's on offer. Read More >>

Kids Pulled from Scottish School by Anti-5G Parents

A community is having a little implosion up on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where an early-doors trial of 5G services has seen a test mast installed on a local primary school, much to the anger of one set of parents who've pulled their kids out of the school as a result. Read More >>

I Probably Spent More Time Writing This Headline Than BT Did on Making Its New Logo

BT unveiled its new logo this week after years of deliberation, and late nights in the boardroom agonising over it. Well, that's what I initially envisioned to be happening until I saw it. Now I'm thinking they put more thought into their after hours takeaway order, and I'm not the only one. Join me as we peruse the contributions that Twitter users have made in taking the piss - and every other bodily fluid imaginable - out of the brand. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Promises Compensation for Nationwide Outage

There was one of those glitches in the wires and the sky yesterday, but you probably didn't notice because it was only a problem for subscribers of Virgin Mobile, which repurposes the EE network for its own commercial ends. It went down. For hours. For so many hours that someone had to do the job of pretending to be sorry, going much further than issuing a shrugging GIF and a link to the URL for the service status page. Read More >>

Huawei Pledges to Sign a “No Spy” Agreement With the Government

Huawei's chairman has come over to the UK to do a bit of metaphorical firefighting in the wireless infrastructure world, and has come up with an amazing plan to stop Western administrations worrying that the tech firm may hand the Chinese government access to our communications: promising it won't, via an innovative "no-spy" pledge. Read More >>

4G Emergency Services Network Now £3bn Over Budget With No End in Sight

The long-winded process of switching our emergency services over to a new 4G communications system is unlikely to finish any time soon, with a government watchdog saying the EE-led network is unlikely to even hit its current switchover date of the distant future year of 2022. And December of 2022 at that. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile’s Letting You Use Clubcard Vouchers Now

Every time you shop at Tesco you can earn points on your Clubcard, which can be redeemed as vouchers to spend in Tesco or elsewhere. You could also earn points with Tesco Mobile, accumulating them every time you pay your bill, but you couldn't spend them there. Well that's changing. Read More >>

EE’s New ‘Smart Plans’ Let You Pick and Choose What Perks Your Contract Comes With

There are lots of ways to pick a phone contract, though one of the main ones seems to be picking the one that comes with the best perks. After all you can only have so many minutes, texts, and GB of data. Networks generally don't give customers much choice where those perks are concerned, but EE's announced new 'Smart Plans' that lets you pick and choose what perks you get - among other things. Read More >>

UK Government Says Huawei’s a Little Bit of a Risk to National Security

Another slightly different bit of the government, working to different parameters and probably sitting on different types of chair and fiddling with different staplers, has had a different opinion on whether or not Huawei is potentially enabling Chinese spies to steal all our amazing drafted tweets. And this group of security advisers has remotely changed the smart warning light bulb colour to red. Read More >>

Three PAYG Customers Now Get Loyalty Rewards

Why should the contract customers get all the goodies? That's something people on Pay As You Go have always wondered, and finally it seems there's some justice -- at least for customers of the Three network. Read More >>

BBC Wires up Scottish Island for 5G Radio Broadcasts

Lucky BBC technicians and staff from wireless ISP CloudNet have been handed the job of installing 5G test transmitters on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where a system that broadcasts radio over the high speed mobile data network of the future is to be trialled. Read More >>

The Galaxy S10 5G Will be Launching With EE and Vodafone

Samsung has just announced a number of partners working with it on 5G, and the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. While we don't know exactly when the phone will arrive (early summer, is what we've been told), but Samsung confirms it will work with EE and Vodafone's 5G networks. Read More >>

We’d Boycott 5G if We Knew What’s Good for Us

It seems like only yesterday I was annoyed about being stuck on a 2G connection while the rest of the country appeared to be upgrading to 4G. Now it's happening again, only it's 5G the mobile executives are taking about preparing now. And I'm still on the same 2G connection. Read More >>