O2 Makes Many 4G Network Enhancement Claims

Mobile network O2 has sent us a thing which at first glance appears to closely resemble news, as it contains numbers and makes promises and exudes general positivity about the enhanced size and coverage of its 4G network in the UK. Read More >>

EE is Offering a Whopping 100GB Data for Just £20 per Month

EE is up there when it comes to UK mobile networks, but you're usually paying for the privilege of being a customer, so it's not exactly slashing prices on the regular. So that's why this deal is unmissable, giving you a massive 100GB data for just £20 per month. Read More >>

Vodafone Says We’ll Lose 5G Leadership Status if Huawei’s Booted Out

Vodafone would rather we didn't force its engineers to unplug things that say HUAWEI on them from its many masts and network installations, as it believes that doing so would shuffle the UK a few rungs down the 5G innovation and leadership ladder. Read More >>

Giffgaff is Teaming Up With Doro to Get Isolated Seniors Connected to the World Again

Lockdown is taking its toll on everyone, and it's especially difficult for those people who have no way to stay connected to the outside world, which is where giffgaff and Doro come in to help save the day. Read More >>

Three is Opening Up 250 High Street Shops on 15th June

Slowly but surely the shops of the high street are coming out of their lockdown-induced hibernation to start selling stuff to the people who haven't fully made the transition to online shopping. Three, the mobile network, not the number, is reopening too, with 250 branches opening their doors on 15th June. Read More >>

Mobile Operators Reopening High Street Stores Starting Next Week

After relying on their online presence since closing their doors in March, EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three are preparing to reopen their high street stores starting next week with a bunch of 'COVID secure' measures in place. Read More >>

VOXI is Offering a Banger of a Data Deal for Both New and Existing Customers

VOXI is Vodafone's youth brand that gives customers access to a slew of social media sites without eating into their data, which makes deals like this even more appealing: 12GB for just £10 per month, not including the time spent on social media. What's not to like? Read More >>

EU Lawlords Put O2 and Three Merger Back on the Cards

The European Court of Justice has thrown out an earlier European Commission antitrust ruling that barred mobile giants O2 and Three from merging, freeing parent companies Hutchison and Telefonica to have another shot at synergising at boardroom level should they remain pumped for that sort of thing. Read More >>

EE Overhauls Pay Monthly Plans So They’re All 5G Ready Now

EE has announced that its new range of Smart, Essential, and Smart Sim pay monthly mobile plans are now 5G ready as standard, and include the new Reserve Data feature, so you can stay connected even when you've used up all of your high speed data. Read More >>

China Says the UK Will “Pay Price” if Huawei is Booted Out of 5G Builds

A tough-talking opinion piece in propaganda paper China Daily has warned that the UK faces "retaliatory responses" of some sort should the government further toughen its stance on Huawei, adding that we will "pay price" should the Chinese tech firm find itself frozen out of future infrastructure deals. Read More >>

MPs Demand New Laws to Stop State-Owned Companies Investing in UK Infrastructure

A group of Conservative MPs are asking the prime minister to bring forward legislation to limit the involvement of state-owned companies in our national infrastructure, in yet another thinly-veiled attempt to get Huawei out of our future mobile phone networks. Read More >>

This Incredible Deal From Three Offers Unlimited Everything for Just £16 a Month

Unlimited data is a great thing, and it's even better now that all the major networks have some sort of unlimited tariff for all your data-hungry needs. Three often has the best prices, though, and the latest one on offer is too good to miss out on. You can get unlimited data (including tethering), calls, and texts for just £16 a month. Read More >>

Looking For a Galaxy S20? Three Has a Bunch of Great Deals For You to Enjoy

Samsung's Galaxy S20 range is not for the light-walleted, but now that the devices have been around for a couple of months (and Samsung presumably wants to shift stock during the pandemic) you can get some really got deals on thee S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Like these ones on Three. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G SIM-Only Plan Gives You a Whopping 60GB Data for Less Than a Tenner

Vodafone is a pretty good network to be on right now, given the lengths to which the mobile operator has gone to ensure everyone is staying connected during the pandemic. So if you're shopping around for a 5G SIM-only deal, now's the time to jump ship with this corker of a deal. Read More >>

BT Considers Sale of Openreach

BT is no longer insistent upon staying close to its estranged infrastructure division Openreach, and is said to be planning a sale of the entire division, lock, stock and numerous muddy ducts, to help fund its looming expansion of the full-fibre network. Read More >>