O2 Says its Data Network is Working Again and it May Bung Users Some Free Data as an Apology

O2 has said that its UK 4G network is up and running again after yesterday's universal collapse, so our little glimpse into the horrifying blackouts of the future and the crash of all mobile services is over. No one died, did they? We can find where to go without Google Maps, can't we? Read More >>

BT Pulls Huawei Kit From EE’s 4G Network

BT is quietly shaming Huawei in a major way, by spending vast sums on refitting the entire EE 4G network to lessen its reliance on hardware provided by the upcoming Chinese mobile specialist. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Now Giving You Until 3rd December to Enjoy its Black Friday Offers, Including £20 Unlimited Data and Tethering

The other day Three announced a few of its Black Friday offers, which were set to go live tomorrow. Unlike some people Three decided it was best to leave the Black Friday deals until Black Friday, and not turn it into a weeks-long extravaganza of price slashing. Well now it's decided the 'one day only' thing isn't really working out, and will be extending all its deals until Monday 3rd December. Read More >>

Faroe Islands Pities Our Mobile Networks and Offers to Help With 5G

Niche island mobile provider Faroese Telecom clearly knows how to get telephones working in the middle of the sea, hence it's offering to establish a 5G network up in Orkney and Shetland for the benefit of locals. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Black Friday Deals Include Unlimited Data and Tethering for Just £20 a Month

If you want a contract with unlimited data then you don't have a lot of options. Your only choices are Three or Virgin, and normally the price difference is only £2 if you're signing on for a 12 month contract. Well Three would like to make your decision easier on Black Friday, and has knocked money off its standard 12-month unlimited data plan. Instead of costing £27 a month you'll be able to get it for £20. Read More >>

Not Content with Carphone Warehouse’s Deals, iD Has Announced a Bunch of its Own Early Black Friday Savings

iD is Carphone Warehouse's mobile network, which lets the retailer flog handsets for someone other than the three big networks that are willing to stick to the partnerships that have existed for so long. Carphone Warehouse has already announced a number of 'Black Tag' (read: Black Friday) deals, and now iD is getting in on the action. Here's what's available right now, on phones and contracts galore. Read More >>

EE’s 5G Will Launch as ‘Premium Mobile Experience’ in 16 UK Cities Next Year

We've known for a while that EE and BT were working on getting their 5G services up and running next year, but now we have some solid details on how the networks intend to get that service up and running. It'll start with a 'premium mobile experience' launching in 16 UK cities. Read More >>

Three Will Stock Xiaomi’s Mi 8, Redmi 6A, and Band 3 From Tomorrow

We've known for a while that Xiaomi had partnered with Three to bring its devices to the UK, alongside opening up its own store, but now we've finally learnt which devices will be coming to the network. Three has confirmed that it will be exclusively stocking the Mi 8, discount RedMi 6A, and the new Xiaomi Band 3. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T May be Coming to Three After All, But Not for a While

A few weeks ago OnePlus announced a slew of UK retail partners that would be carrying the OnePlus 6T. Noticeably it included EE and Vodafone, alongside O2 which has had exclusivity for the past few years. Three was not among them, but guess who showed up on screen during OnePlus's launch event? Read More >>

Oh Snap: Vodafone Got Three’s Snapchat Ad Banned

The petty squabbling between phone networks continues: Vodafone has gone to the ASA about one of Three's ads and got it pulled. Read More >>

Anti-5G Lamppost Campaigner in Court for Going Too Bonkers

A man who has been spreading odd rumours about the 5G spectrum, including claims the next-gen of masts will cause cancer, is currently in court for his actions. Not for his conspiracy-laden web site, as being a bit of a theorist is not yet a crime; but for threatening local councillors who are trying to dismiss his allegations. Read More >>

MPs Have Some Ideas on How to Improve Rural 4G Coverage

The big mobile networks have been working towards 5G for a while now, but some people have been sitting back and asking "well what about expanding 4G services?". It's a reasonable point, and 5G is hardly worth getting excited about when the village you live in only gets half a bar of 2G signal. There is work being done about expanding 4G coverage, primarily from BT and EE, but some MPs think more can be done and have written some reports about what they think. Read More >>

EE Continues to Dominate in OpenSignal’s Latest Report

OpenSignal is always analysing the state of the UK's mobile signal, and trying to work out which of the four big networks is offering the best service, based on the state of their infrastructure. The latest report has just been released, and it's no surprise that EE is still hovering in the top spot. It's good to have all that BT money, after all. Read More >>

O2’s Newest Perk Gives You 40 Per Cent Off Cinema Tickets, if You Sign Up for Right Contract

Going to the cinema is an expensive trip these days, especially if you live in the South and don't have easy access to Vue's absurdly cheap ticket prices. There are plenty of perks out there that can reduce the cost for you, but they generally rely on having to go in pairs or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Well O2 is offering a new perk called 'Popcorn Pass' for people on certain contracts, and it'll give you 40 per cent off tickets at participating cinemas. Read More >>

EE’s Turned on its 5G Trial in the Canary Wharf Area

Back in June EE announced it would be launching its own 5G trials in the London area. Initially the network said this would be the UK's first proper 5G trial, even though there was a chance O2's own 5G testbed would kick off first. Well now EE really has beaten O2 to the punch, because it's kicked off its first 5G trial in the Canary Wharf area. Read More >>