Your Brain Tries to Change Focus Four Times per Second, Study Finds

By the time you’re finished reading this sentence, your brain will have rapidly assessed your surroundings 14 times to see if you should focus on something else. At least, that’s what new research suggests. Read More >>

Hold Up, Maybe Our Brains Actually Can Grow Back Neurons

A new study published Thursday in Cell Stem Cell is set to further stoke the debate over whether our brain can actually grow back neurons as we age. The research found that people, even into their golden years, are regenerating their stock of neurons right up until the point of death—seemingly contradicting the results of a major study released just last month. Read More >>

What Pre-Teen Brains Can Do That Adult Brains Can’t

A popular theory about how the human brain works—one that’s inspired both neuroscience research and sketchy health fads alike—is just plain wrong, suggests a new study published Thursday in Nature. The adult brain might not be able to naturally restock its supply of neurons after all. Read More >>

Brain Stimulation Trains Monkeys to Perform Tasks

Recall The Matrix. Neo asks Trinity if she can fly a helicopter. She can’t. This has happened to most of us. But then, she makes a phone call to Tank, who uploads the knowledge of helicopter flight directly into her brain. Read More >>

We Finally Know Why Birds Are So Freakishly Smart

Birds are capable of extraordinary behavioural feats, from solving complex puzzles to tool making. There may be good reason for that. A new study shows that, pound for pound, birds pack more neurons into their small brains than mammals, including primates. Read More >>

We Can Now Watch the Inside of a Worm’s Brain at Work

This recording lets us see 77 of the nematode’s 302 neurons light up like a Christmas display as the worm freely wriggles around on a plate. This is amazing. We’re watching an animal’s mind at work. Read More >>

Researchers Digitise Part of a Rat Brain

Researchers have taken another huge step forward in the race to let Ray Kurzweil upload himself to the internet before he dies, announcing the successful recreation and accurate simulation of part of a brain -- of a rat. Read More >>

Crayfish Can Turn Ordinary Blood Cells Into Neurons

Whatever you happen to call them — crawfish, crawdads, mudbug — crayfish are pretty tasty. They also have a pretty remarkable ability to regenerate neurons from blood cells. Understanding brain regeneration in these little crustaceans might one day help us understand how it could work in humans. Read More >>

IBM’s New Brain-Like Chip Squeezes One Million Neurons Onto a Stamp

Cognitive computing has been one of our most exciting frontiers for years. It's enticing to think that we can someday build a computer that's as powerful and as efficient as a brain. IBM's latest miracle chip just got us closer than ever. Read More >>

The Best Science Visualisations of the Year

From microscopic coral to massive planets, the natural world is full of beauty on a scale that can only be seen with the aid of a microscope or a telescope. The winners of the 11th annual International Science and Engineering Visualisation Challenge have been announced—sponsored by the journal Science and the U.S. National Science Foundation—letting us zoom in to microscopic scales and zoom out onto planetary scales. Read More >>

This Is the Closest Look We’ve Ever Gotten of a Neuron’s Moving Parts

Scientists just captured the most detailed footage of a single neuron in action ever. In the timelapse video above you can even see individual proteins moving through different pathways within the cell. This is what your feelings look like. Read More >>

It Takes the Entire Internet to Map a Mouse’s Brain

Creating a wiring diagram of the human brain's neurons is an oft-discussed idea that remains in the realms of science fiction. Scale that problem down to tackling a mouse brain, however, and you're in the realms of what science can just about manage — with your help. Read More >>

Our Most Important Memories Live in Just a Few Neurons

That favourite childhood memory of yours — you know, the one that still seems like just yesterday, the one that you can still smell and taste — may actually be the result of a select few neurons firing deep within your brain. Read More >>