Twitter CEO’s Newest Podcast Bud is a Guy Who Claims Vaccines Cause Autism

Man, it would be great if tech CEOs would maybe not appear as guests for podcasts during which they smoke pot or engage in casual conversation with anti-vaxxers. And yet here we are. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Says Users Could Get a Feature to ‘Clarify’ Their Bad Tweets

Even Twitter knows there is something fundamentally broken about its platform. But what if users could just, uh, clarify their bad tweets? This was an idea evidently presented by Twitter CEO and witness to goat slaughter Jack Dorsey while speaking at a Goldman Sachs event in San Francisco on Thursday. Read More >>

Hootsuite CEO ‘Apologises’ After Telling Reporter to Call 1-800-EAT-DICK

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: never tweet. This is a lesson you would think the CEO of a company that makes software for managing social media would know intimately. You would be wrong. Read More >>

never tweet
How to Unearth Embarrassing Tweets by Your Enemies

The discovery of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s old tweets lit up Twitter over the weekend almost as much as the Nazi getting punched. From his obsession with Dippin’ Dots to his cosplay fandom, the man’s tweets are a treasure trove of self-owns. Read More >>

Asus Should Never, Ever Tweet

Laptop maker Asus should have learned a lesson from fellow laptop maker Razer: never tweet. The Taiwanese tech giant sent out a tweet yesterday that was so bad on so many levels, it’s amazing it was ever sent in the first place. Read More >>

US Customs Wants to See Foreigners’ Dumb Tweets and Embarrassing Snaps

If you’re a foreigner travelling into or out of the United States, US Customs and Border Protection wants to see your social media accounts. If my Twitter account is any indication, they are in for a dumb, boring time. Read More >>

You Can Now Retweet Yourself But You Shouldn’t

Today, Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows users to retweet themselves. But as everyone knows, you should be very, very careful with this capability. Because retweeting yourself can have serious implications on your health and relationships. Read More >>

Twitter Got Paid to Promote a Tweet About “Killing Arabs” 

It was a hateful message to spread under any circumstances. And Twitter actually took money to promote it. “My fellow Jews,” it read, “the time to start killing Arabs is NOW”. Read More >>

This Chrome Extension Reminds You to Stop Being Such an Arse on Twitter

The simplest browser extensions are almost always the greatest browser extensions. And TweetFired is no exception. Its one simple function is to bestow you with the most important advice the internet can offer: never, ever tweet. Read More >>