Apple Finally Talked Me Into Buying an iPad

For the longest time, the iPad was Apple’s big boring thing. It never lived up to its promise to revolutionise media and save magazines. It didn’t really change the way we play mobile games. It certainly didn’t seem like a good investment. For the first eight years of the iPad’s existence, my primary exposure to it has been at coffee shops with those tablet-based cash registers. But this week, Apple did something subtle but remarkable: It talked me into buying one. Read More >>

Report: New UK 4G-Enabled iPad 3 Coming With Wi-Fi-Only iPad Mini In Tow

Now that we've, almost, got a 4G network to call our own, it looks like we might get a 4G-enabled iPad that actually works here too. According to sources speaking to the Guardian, the revised retina iPad will also come packing a Lightning connector, plus the iPad Mini will definitely be Wi-Fi only, apparently. Read More >>

Is There an Updated, Faster Version of the iPad 3 Coming?

This is interesting. MacRumors reports that an iOS developer found a new, unknown iPad device showing up in his app analytics. Though that usually means the next version of the iPad, the unknown iPad actually had the same footprint as the current iPad 3—but with the faster processor of the iPhone 5. Hmm... Read More >>

Siri Is on iPad with iOS 6

Siri is moving beyond the iPhone 4S. In today's WWDC keynote, Scott Forstall announced that it's migrating to the new iPad with iOS 6. Read More >>

Apple Rebrands “iPad 4G” as “iPad With Fast Mobile Data Networks”

Apple has once again tweaked the text that accompanies its New iPad sales listing in the UK, removing all trace of the difficult "4G" term and replacing it with more vague wording when it comes to data connectivity abilities. Read More >>

Apple’s iPad “4G” Marketing Ploy Now With the UK’s Advertising Watchdog

We've already seen Apple referred to Australian advertising watchdog over claims that its "new" iPad comes with 4G connectivity features that can't be used on the country's network, now it appears our Advertising Standard Authority is investigating the same case in more depth over here. Read More >>

Apple’s Still Trying to Smudge the Good Name of 4G

The saga of what is and what isn’t 4G is still raging, and Apple’s doing its best to claim that 3G is actually 4G, but I’m just not buying it. No, I don’t care how fast your 3G network is, it’s just not 4G. And calling your iPad 4G when it can’t connect to a 4G network is just plain wrong. Read More >>

A Keyboard Case That Won’t Turn Your iPad into a Hideous Hunchback

A physical keyboard is a must if you intend to do any serious work with the iPad. And Logitech's new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover makes it easy to bring one along without adding serious bulk to your tablet. Because why else would you use it over a laptop? Read More >>

Report: Apple Offering New iPad Replacements for Wi-Fi Issues

9to5 Mac has received what appears to be a leaked confidential AppleCare document Apple acknowledges that they are investigating reports of Wi-Fi issues with the new iPad. And that repair centres and Apple stores should replace the 3rd generation units if they exhibit specific symptoms. Read More >>

Apple’s 4G New iPad Isn’t 4G, Says Aussie Consumer Commission

Australian Apple fans who've already bought themselves a new iPad are being offered their money back, over complaints that Apple advertised the device misleading as being 4G capable. Because it can't connect to Australia's current 4G network. Read More >>

The Best Case For the New iPad 3

You've just bought a new iPad 3, and can't stop cradling it like the new baby it is. But a firm hug and keen eye won't keep it scratch-free forever, unfortunately. We put five folding cases to the test to see which would keep your gorgeous retina display safe, while adding some flexible functionality and individuality. Well, you can't run the risk of mixing your 'Pad up with someone else's... Read More >>

What’s Cooking Your iPad? It’s Probably All the Fiery Little LEDs

Apparently the iPad’s new screen really pushes the limits of what’s possible in something that small, and one of the unfortunate consequences seems to be excess heat. We know the iPad has twice the number of LEDs powering the screen’s backlight and apparently they’re the heat source that’s likely the most to blame for the smoking tablets. Read More >>

Apple’s Three Million New iPads Sold Show That the Future Is Here to Stay

Apple has just announced that they have sold three million new iPads since its release last Friday. It's a staggering number. Clearly, they are unstoppable at this point. The future is here to stay, people. Read More >>

Hackers Jailbreak New iPad Just a Few Hours After Release

Yes! The hackers from the Chronic Dev Team—with a special intervention by German developer Stefan Esser—have liberated the shiny new iPad from the tyranny of the app store already using a modification of the Absinthe jailbreaking tool. Read More >>

Everything Your New iPad Needs Right Now

Your courier came through, or you survived an ungodly Apple Store line, or you mugged someone who just did. However you got your hands on a new iPad, congrats! Here's everything you need to get started off right. Read More >>