Apple MacBook Retina Displays Prone to Screen Smearing Stain Problem

They may be beautiful to look at when they're working properly, but it appears that Apple's Retina MacBook line has a significant fault when it comes to its screens. An increasing number of users are complaining that their laptop displays are becoming ruined by blotchy, stain-like patches that progressively grow, making the screens unusable. Read More >>

An Inside Look at the New MacBook’s Weird-Ass Slim Battery

The new MacBook has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve, from a new keyboard to a force feedback trackpad, and of course a lovely new hi-res screen. But maybe the coolest new feature is deep on the inside; terraced batteries that can put more power in a thinner package. Read More >>

MacBook Meta-Review: The Laptop of the Future, Just a Liiittle Too Early

Apple’s newest MacBook is undeniably slick. But with its single port and a processor that’s far from super-charged, it’s also got a few potential pain points. The first reviews are just coming in, and it seems like a shoo-in for Laptop of the Future. Just maybe not quite yet. Read More >>

MacBook Battery Packs on the Way Thanks to USB Type-C

You know what Apple loves? A good ol' expensive accessory. The introduction of USB Type-C in its new MacBook line allows for just that, with a load of pricey dongles on the way to support the One Port To Rule Them All. And while USB Type-C may be knocking out the much-loved MagSafe charging port, it may also allow for the MacBook to support a long-requested add-on: battery packs. Read More >>

It Looks Like the iPhone 7 Will Have the New MacBook Force Touch Feature

You know when your grandad prods his iPhone screen harder, expecting something different to happen? Well, guess what...something different could happen in the iPhone of the future. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed (and take "confirmed" with a healthy pinch of salt) that the next-gen iPhone will use the Force Touch controls that debuted in the Apple Watch and resurfaced in the New MacBook. Read More >>

It’s a Sad Day for Apple MacBook if USB-C Kills MagSafe

One of the great challenges of consumer-focussed industrial design is to make technologies invisible until you need to use them. It's why smartphone manufacturers strive to make the lightest, thinnest devices possible, why camera designers make zoom lenses that can retract and sit flush within the body of the shooter. Apple's MagSafe magnetic charger was one such "invisible" technology. And now it's dead. Read More >>