Newly Identified Electric Eel Species is Most Shocking Animal Ever

Genetic data has revealed several distinct electric eel species living throughout South America, including the most shocking eel (and animal) discovered yet. Read More >>

Adorable New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered in China

A newly described species of flying squirrel is teaching researchers more about these enigmatic, tree-hopping rodents, but its threatened status means scientists will have to act fast. Read More >>

Scientists Describe a New Orangutan Species and It’s Already in Danger

All of the orangutans in the world would probably only fit into a college football stadium. Today, scientists are announcing that just one of the sections of that stadium is actually an entirely different species. And it’s already in danger. Read More >>

Scientists Discover a Tiny Monster in Canada’s Arctic Ice

No one said that monsters needed to be big or even scary. But when James Dwight Dana first spotted one strange plankton species back in the 19th century, he knew he had something weird on his hands. “Little monster,” Monstrilla seemed like as good a name as any. After all, scientists can name species after pretty much anything, even penises. Read More >>

This New Species of Worm Snail Is Basically a Penis

Today, science news writers got excited about a purportedly new species of “worm snail” found by Field Museum researchers. It’s a slime-shooting, finger-length thing that shows up where no one wants it to. Read More >>

Treasure Trove of Newly Discovered Species Includes a Newt That Looks Like a Klingon (Ish)

Biologists working in the Greater Mekong area have identified a staggering 163 new species, including a horned lizard, a rainbow-headed snake dubbed “Ziggy Stardust,” and a newt that looks like a Klingon from Star Trek. Sort of. Read More >>

An Undiscovered Species of Flower Has Been on Sale Since 2013

Flower stalls have been embellished, for the last two years, with a special kind of orchid known as the “Big Pink”. Researchers thought it was a hybrid. Turns out it’s totally new to science. Read More >>

These Four New Spider Species Just Want to Be Your Friends

Arachnologists have found a whole new genus of spiders in the deserts of Namibia and South Africa, and a couple of the new species seem to have some peculiar habits. Read More >>