Discovery of Extinct Burrowing Bat Tells Mysterious Story About New Zealand

All but three land mammal species living on New Zealand today were brought there by modern humans, beginning around 800 years ago—and all three of those native mammal species are bats. But a newly discovered bat fossil suggests that there may be more species hiding in the isle’s ancient rock. Perhaps the mammal-poor islands once had a far more batty past. Read More >>

Beehive Thefts Explode in New Zealand Because the Bees Can’t Catch a Break

We’re all well aware of what a bad deal the bees have been getting in recent years. Simply put, the bees are dying globally at an alarming rate! Hell, the minute they get put on the endangered species list, bureaucracy steps in to say, “not so fast.” Now, on top of everything, hundreds of their hives are mysteriously being stolen in New Zealand. Read More >>

Enormous Mudslide Devastates New Zealand Marine Reserve

New Zealand’s Kaikoura Canyon — known for its abundant seabed life — is now an undersea wasteland following a series of earthquake-induced mudslides. Read More >>

Will a Radical Plan to Save New Zealand’s Birds With Genetic Engineering Work?

That the kiwi bird still exists at all is something of a marvel. Its native New Zealand has no endemic land predators, and so the bird evolved to be flightless. Today, its nests on the forest floor are under constant attack by invasive species—opossums, rats, feral cats and the occasional misbehaving dog. Read More >>

Hundreds of Whales Are Dead Following a Horrific Mass Stranding in New Zealand

Image: AP
In what’s considered the largest mass stranding in decades, over 400 pilot whales have beached themselves on a New Zealand shore. Hundreds of whales died overnight, and rescuers are now frantically working to save the dozens of remaining whales who are clinging to life. Read More >>

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New Zealand Could Have Been Part of the United States

Most Americans think of New Zealand as the place The Lord of the Rings was filmed, or the land with more sheep than people. This week, however, the country captured the American imagination, as an article in the New Yorker revealed that it was the hottest spot on the planet for rich Americans to buy property. The New Zealand Herald even discovered that billionaire Peter Thiel, a member of Donald Trump’s transition team, acquired citizenship and owns hundreds of acres there. “Buying a house in New Zealand” is now so common for the wealthy that the phrase has become code for having a backup plan for when the world turns to shit, as one mega rich investor told the New Yorker. Read More >>

Passport Website Rejects Asian Man’s Photo for Having ‘Closed’ Eyes

Anyone who’s dealt with the complexities of passport photo requirements would probably jump at the chance to have their pics checked online, but automated systems can have their own complications, as a New Zealand man recently learned. Read More >>

24 Countries Where the Money Contains Meat

This week, some people in Britain and Canada were shocked to learn that their money contains trace amounts of animal fat. The new banknotes use animal byproducts that are found in everything from credit cards and crayons to glue and soap. But We have confirmed that Britain and Canada aren’t the only ones. Read More >>

Is New Zealand on the Brink of Another Major Quake?

Seismologists are warning that the latest earthquake to strike New Zealand could trigger other large earthquakes in the coming days and weeks, but sensationalistic claims of a devastating “mega-quake” are likely overblown. Read More >>

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Earthquake Leaves Cows Stranded on a Tiny Piece of Grass

A massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand last weekend, leaving these poor, poor cows stranded. The ground around them simply disappeared. Read More >>

New Zealand Wants to Kill Off All of its Predators by 2050

Seeking to safeguard the future of its kiwis, parrots, and hobbits, New Zealand has just made the “world first” decision to eradicate all wild predators by 2050. Read More >>

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The Biggest Swing in the World Will Put Hairs on the Palms of Your Hands

Lunch firmly trapped in your guts? Keep it down there. This is the Nevis Swing, the New Zealand creation we’re utterly thrilled to be sharing the planet with. Just as long as it’s not this side of the planet. Read More >>

A Bizarre Avocado Crime Wave is Sweeping Through New Zealand

The now-dead El Niño weather system wreaked serious havoc upon the world's food supply, from poisoning shellfish to obliterating stone fruits. Now the avocado is at risk. In Australia and New Zealand, a double whammy of massive fires and heavy rains wiped out avocado crops, causing a shortage of the trendy brunch staple. Growers would have been able to manage, if it weren’t for a sudden and skyrocketing avocado demand. Read More >>

New Zealand’s Keeping its Flag After All

The citizens of New Zealand have voted to keep its existing flag. The country has been involved in a ten-month long process to redesign it, but a national referendum saw the majority of voters choose to keep the existing design. According to the BBC, a total of 2,119,953 votes were cast in the head-to-head competition, which saw the existing flag up against the newly designed Silver Fern, pictured below. Ultimately, 56.61 per cent of people voted to stick with the old flag. Read More >>