News Corp
‘Knewz’ is Rupert Murdoch’s Google News Alternative

There’s some good knewz for people who don’t mind really dumb names and do believe that big tech has an anti-conservative bias – New Corp has been building an alternative to Google News, tentatively called Read More >>

Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace Apparently Still Haunts Mark Zuckerberg

On Monday, Wired published an inside look at Facebook’s struggles with fake news over the last two years. It should come as no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg still doesn’t think of Facebook as a media company, but an eye-opening story from 2007 reveals that in MySpace’s heyday, Rupert Murdoch managed to intimidate the CEO in a way that only an old-school media mogul could. Read More >>

Would You Pay £2 a Week for the Sun Online+?

The Sun, that bastion of quality news journalism and tits on page 3, is planning to erect a paywall for its online offerings, in something it's calling Sun+. Basically, you pay two quid a month for access to the paper and "near-live" TV clips of Premier League footie. Tempting perhaps? Read More >>

News Corp Hacked ITV Digital Out of Business in the UK Pay-TV Wars (Updated)

Blimey, the hacking scandal swirling around News Corp. seems to be getting worse and worse each week. Phone jacking wasn’t the only thing Murdoch’s cronies used hackers for; they also used them to leak digital subscription access codes to Sky's pay-TV competitor ITV Digital, inducing the widespread piracy that forced it out of business. Read More >>